How Python Is Best Fit For Artificial Intelligence In Web Development?

Whether it’s a startup or an MNC, Python offers everyone a great list of benefits. It is the most popular and powerful high-level programming language that has gained great popularity in 2022.

Its growing popularity has allowed it to get out of the web development sphere and enter some of the most popular and complex processes such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), natural language processing, data science, etc.

Python comes with numerous built-in libraries. Many of the libraries are for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It makes using Python for web development and AI crucial for every business.

Many web development companies are using Python for web development and AI-oriented purposes.

According to, 45% of technology companies prefer to use Python for AI & machine learning along with web development.

As per Statista, Python ranks in the third position in terms of top web development languages. Last year (as of 2021), 48.24% of developers reported using PHP for creating efficient websites and web applications.

How Python Is Best Fit For Artificial Intelligence In Web Development?

We cannot deny that it’s only a matter of time since AI makes a big difference in multiple industries and several areas. We also expect the implementation of the Python language in AI to be a significant part of the upcoming change.

Let’s quickly check out some prominent industry names which are benefited from AI today:

⇾ Healthcare

⇾ Banking

⇾ Education

⇾ Agriculture

⇾ Marketing

⇾ Automotive

⇾ E-commerce

⇾ Food & Beverage industry

Let’s discuss various reasons for opting for Python language for AI development.

Why Choose Python for AI Development?

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1) Less Code

There are many algorithms involved in AI (Artificial Intelligence). The ease of testing provided by Python makes it one of the best programming languages among competitors. With Python for AI, you can easily write and execute all the codes.

Python can implement the same logic with a fifth of the code compared with other programming languages based on OOPS. Therefore, this was one of the significant benefits of Python, why companies prefer Python for AI-based projects. In addition, you must hire a web application development company with experience in AI and Python web development.

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2) Great Popularity

Python is winning the hearts of millions of developers worldwide. Python’s learning facility is attracting new developers to learn this programming language. Although AI-based projects require experienced developers, Python offers an easy learning curve without problems.

It’s easier to Hire Python Developers instead of looking for a multiprogramming developer because its active developer community and expanded libraries with improved source code and language in development have led Python to become the language with more current trends.

3) Prebuilt Libraries

How Python Is Best Fit For Artificial Intelligence In Web Development?

The most important benefit of Python amongst all is that Python contains many libraries for your AI project (artificial intelligence). Some of these libraries are NumPy for scientific computing, Pybrain for machine learning, and Scipy for advanced computing.

Some of the other Python AI libraries, such as AIMA and Norvig, can be used for implementing algorithms in artificial intelligence. In addition, all these dedicated libraries save developers time.

Therefore, if you do not know about these libraries, it is better to hire Python developers who know about them.

4) Flexibility

One of the major benefits of Python is its flexibility. Python is suitable for any purpose, with options to choose between a scripting and OOPS approach. It also works as a perfect background language, and joining different data structures is also suitable for Python web development & AI.

Python offers the option to verify most of the code in the IDE itself and is a significant point in favor of the developers who are fighting between the algorithms.

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5) Compatibility

Python web development provides the developer the flexibility to provide an API from the existing programming language, which is highly flexible for new Python developers. In addition, Python is also independent of the platform.

With only minor changes in the source codes, you can make your project or application work in different operating systems. This saves developers a lot of time to test different operating systems and migrate source codes.

Therefore, if you want your AI project to be the best, hire web app developers who have experience in AI-based projects with Python.

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6) Full Support

The other significant benefit of Python is that it is an open-source programming language with great support from the developer community. There are many resources available that can make any developer solve their problems in a short time.

Also, you must not forget that there is a large community of python web developers who are willing to help others at various stages of their development life cycle.

Which Libraries in Python can help you Implement AI?

  • Scikit-learn
  • Tensorflow
  • NumPy
  • Keras
  • Eli5
  • PyTorch
  • LightGBM
  • Theano
  • Pandas

7. Superior Visualization

Python is superior to other languages when it comes to data visualization. Python makes it easy to read and interpret the data. Various tools can be used for this purpose, such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh, etc.

Not only that, but these libraries come with several built-in functions that facilitate ‌creating charts and visualizations. This saves a lot of time during the development process and also helps developers get better insights into their data.

8. Platform Independence

Python is platform-independent, which means you can run the same code on different operating systems making no changes. This is possible because Python has its own virtual machine, known as the Python Virtual Machine (PYVM).

This is a significant benefit of Python for Python developers, as it allows them to work on different platforms without having to worry about compatibility issues. In addition, you can also deploy your Python applications on different servers with no modifications.

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Artificial intelligence is becoming complicated day by day. And Python is making the AI-based project development process much easier. Due to the shorter line of codes, developers find it easy to write codes in Python. In addition, several built-in libraries can make the AI-based project more advanced.

The simplicity of Python for web development and AI has attracted many developers to create new libraries for AI & machine learning. Because of the huge collection of libraries, Python is becoming very popular among dedicated machine learning experts and AI developers.

Therefore, if you have little experience in Python, then you must have a Dedicated Development Team that can guide you throughout your project based on AI in Python.

In fact, it is the skills of the developers that matter the most than any programming language, yet businesses choose to hire or outsource the project to only a reliableweb application development company like ValueCoders.

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