Laravel : An Open Source PHP Framework

Laravel is an open source PHP framework that is available in the market for free. It is designed for model-view-controller(MVC) web applications. Laravel framework has gained a lot of attention in recent years and became one of the most popular one. This framework is better option to built projects on as it is fully compatible with the web hosting accounts.

Existing projects can also shift from their previous frameworks to Laravel as it is easy to learn and build code on it.

Composer Introduction:

Composer is a tool with which Laravel can be installed easily. Along with this packages and dependencies of PHP projects can be managed using the composer. The most recent composer.phar file can be downloaded from its website.Composer is a nice way of installing and keeping the code used in the project up to date.

Installing Laravel:

It is good to develop your project locally and then uploading the code to the server. And keep at-least two copies of your code for the backup purposes.

To download Laravel, following composer command is needed:-

composer global require "laravel/installer=~1.1"

To create a new Laravel project, following command is needed:-

laravel new blog

The above stated procedures varies from one operating system to another. For any help, you can check Laravel’s installation page.

Configuring Laravel:

In app/confif folder, configuration options are present. You can manage the settings from there. You have to change the database configuration for the local&server database. You can browse through all the configuration files to get the perception of the capabilities and options available in Laravel.

Defining Environments:

Managing different environments like local development environment and live production environment is one of the most powerful feature of Laravel. Using this you can switch from one platform to another which makes it easy built your code locally and then put them on server.

Securely Storing Sensitive Options:

The database username and password and other sensitive information can be stored in special files. Using this, important information can be kept away from your source control.

Storage Permissions:

There is a ‘storage’ folder which you have to make writable by Laravel application. This folder stores temporary files, cache, sessions, etc.

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