Choosing the right PHP development framework to develop a web application for the business can be a very difficult task because there are so many options available. For the past few years, we at ValueCoders are using the Laravel framework on a regular basis. We have worked and tested other PHP development frameworks as well.

However, we needed some additional features and capabilities. Moreover, to make efficient and comprehensive use of Laravel in web application development, hire Laravel developers from the best Laravel Development Company.

In this post, we will discuss what made us feel that Laravel is the best PHP framework in 2023.

Currently, Laravel got 69.2k stars on GitHub. Here is the given below picture to show how many websites are created using Laravel currently.     

best PHP framework

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Therefore, you now know why Laravel is used by many industries worldwide. Let’s see the major technical advantages that make Laravel the best of all.

Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework:

 1) Authorization Technique:

The major constraint that every developer faces while developing web applications is the security of the application itself. There are different ways to resolve this problem, and Laravel, being one of the well-known frameworks, has its own way of handling authorization in an elegant manner.

The Laravel authorization technique provides flexibility as well as simplicity to handle authorization as per user requirements.

Laravel makes the implementation of authentication techniques very easy. It also provides a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.  

Moreover, it has an easy mechanism for implementing ACLs. It also allows you to use different ways for checking permissions, including roles, traits, and methods. You can easily restrict access based on your application’s user role or permission level with these features. 

Laravel includes Authentication Services; some of them are:

Built-in Browser Authentication Services

Laravel has a variety of authentication and user management features included in its core library. This means that you won’t need to worry about adding extra dependencies or spending hours – configuring third-party authentication systems; they’re already baked right in.

For example, you can use Remember Me functionality with a variety of user login providers like Facebook, Google, GitHub, etc. This can save your users time by automatically logging them back into your app after they close their browser.

There are also methods built into Laravel for handling password resets without any additional packages or extensions! If you have existing third-party credentials on your site that you want to use for authentication (e.g., API keys), no problem!

API Authentication Services

An API can be both internal and external, providing a customized interface for your app to connect with. You can create an API service using Laravel by using third-party API resources such as OAuth 2.0 or custom API keys from specific platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

If you are forming an app that requires a backend system and needs to share data between client-side components, then RESTful APIs are ideal because they can be built quickly while still offering a high level of sophistication in their implementation.

API authentication has become essential when building mobile apps; it allows users to sign in to your app with their existing login credentials (usually through social media), making it easier for them to move back and forth between platforms throughout your app.

 2) Object-Oriented Libraries:

One of the top reasons which make Laravel the best PHP framework is it has Object-Oriented libraries and many other pre-installed ones, which are not found in any other popular PHP frameworks.

One of the pre-installed libraries is the Authentication library. Although it is easy to implement, it has many advanced features, such as checking active users, Bcrypt hashing,  password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption. PHP framework:

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 3) Artisan:

Laravel offers a build tool named Artisan. A developer has to usually interact with the Laravel framework using a command line that creates and handles the Laravel project environment. Laravel provides a built-in tool for command-line called Artisan.

This tool allows us to perform the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most of the developers avoid performing manually.

For example, generating model classes, controllers, migrations, seeding data in our database tables, running unit tests, etc., is made easier by automating these tasks through artisan commands.

The core features of Laravel Artisan are:

Laravel Artisan commands foundation

In addition to a variety of helpful commands, Laravel ships with a terminal wrapper for Artisan, allowing you to run your console commands directly from PHP. This is especially useful when trying to automate tasks on your server; all you need is a simple shell script or installer.

Furthermore, with package auto-discovery enabled and a handy bootstrap file in place, starting new projects that require artisanal workflows is quick and painless.

Laravel PHP artisan server

When it comes to running a localhost server in PHP, there are some choices. If you’re using a Mac or Linux operating system, there is typically no need for you to use something like XAMPP. Instead, you can just install Apache on your machine and be done with it.

But, when you’re working in Windows, things are a little different. In order to have an identical environment on your local machine as what people will see online (meaning they won’t see any weird local errors), you need something like XAMPP or WAMP (for Windows).

Laravel 5.7 Custom Artisan Command

Custom Commands allow you to add your own commands with their own set of arguments, help text, and descriptions. Commands should conform to a specific format and must be placed in one of your project’s root directories.

The simplest method to get started is by defining a new command within your app/Console/Kernel.php file. 

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  4) MVC Support:

Another reason that makes Laravel the best PHP framework is it supports MVC Architecture like Symfony, ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. MVC  helps in improving the performance, allows better documentation, and has multiple built-in functionalities. Here’s how the MVC works for Laravel.Laravel MVC model

 5) Security:

While developing an application everyone has to use some other ways to make the application secure. Laravel takes care of the security within its framework. It uses salted and hashed passwords, which means that the password would never save as the plain text in the database. It uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating an encrypted representation of a password.

Laravel uses prepared SQL statements, which make injection attacks unimaginable. Along with this, Laravel provides a simple way to escape user input to avoid user injection of <script> tag. Here are the security features that Laravel offers:

Laravel Security

Securing The Application Database

We need to be proactive and create our database access rules before we open up our application to users. If a malicious user is able to insert data into our database, that’s where they can do some real damage.

Since Laravel’s Eloquent ORM doesn’t have any methods for securing your table structures, we need to move up one layer and use Laravel’s query builder functions. As you will see below, it only takes a few lines of code to lock down your entire database from unwanted users.

Securing The Web Routes

In Laravel, as with most PHP frameworks, you have to secure your routes. It’s often easy to forget about this step when you’re working on a project, but it’s a major security risk if left out. Fortunately, securing routes is fairly simple in Laravel.

All you need to do is check for a valid user inputting their username and Password before sending them through your route (or at least sending them down that route if they’re not logged in).

This process isn’t 100% foolproof and still requires some sort of authentication system, but it’s an effective method of ensuring only those who are meant to go down a particular route can actually access it.

Securing Middleware and Controller Actions

Laravel has a series of middleware classes designed to aid in securing common action types such as Logout, Registration, Reset Password, and even any actions defined in the Controller.

Middleware is an excellent place to put one or more checks on user input or even reject/eject a malicious user altogether. Here’s an example of logging a user out and rejecting another based on their name alone. As you can see, it uses Laravels built-in LogoutMiddleware class with only two lines of code!

Protecting Model Data

One of Laravel’s greatest features is its model layer, which provides simple and expressive methods for accessing data from your database. With a few simple lines of code, you can use Eloquent models to retrieve, update, and delete information from your application.

However, like any powerful tool, it is possible to run into problems if you aren’t familiar with all of Laravel’s available features. In order to help ensure that you are properly protecting your models from unwanted accesses and modifications, let’s review some of Laravel’s core security features.

These include accessible attributes, scopes, and mass assignment protection. Accessible Attributes If you have ever accessed an attribute directly on a model instance—for example, $user->first_name —you may have noticed that it returns null.

By default, Laravel hides certain attributes unless they are explicitly included in an array returned by the getAccessibleAttributes method. 

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 6) Database Migration

One pain point for developers is to keep the database in sync between development machines. With Laravel database migrations, it is extremely easy. After the long work hours, you may have made a lot of changes to the database and, in our option, MySQL Workbench is not a great way to sync databases between my development machines. Enter Migrations.

As long as you keep all the database work in migrations and seeds, you can easily migrate the changes into any other development machine you have. This is yet another reason which makes Laravel the best PHP framework.Database migration in laravel

 7) Great Tutorials (Laracasts):

You or your developers need to learn more in order to deliver more. Unlike others (Codeigniter, Yii, CakePHP etc.) Laravel offers Lara casts, which feature a mix of free and paid video tutorials that show you how to use Laravel.

The videos are all made by Jeffery Way, an expert and experienced instructor. He seems to have his finger on the pulse of the essentials and offers clear and concise instructions. The production quality is high, and the lessons are well-thought-out and meaningful.

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 8) Blade Templating Engine:

The blade is the template engine that comes with Laravel, a PHP framework written by Taylor Otwell and the team of Laravel developers.

It’s an important tool in any developer’s kit, whether they are using Laravel or not. It’s one of the fastest PHP templating engines out there, and it offers tons of features to help you take your application from great to amazing!

blade templating engine in laravel- best PHP framework

If you ever have had to chop up an if statement with HTML inside it, you know what I mean. But with a blade, it’s almost effortless. Here’s how it goes: 

Blade Mixins

Unlike other templating engines that use preprocessors, Laravel’s blade does not rely on mixins. Since templates are compiled into PHP code, there is no way for a mixin system to actually work.

Instead of using a mixin system, Laravel’s implementation of controllers provides an elegant and straightforward way of extending your application’s behavior without resorting to using third-party packages or learning how it works under the hood. This makes the blade an extremely powerful engine.

Control Structures

The control structures allow you to conditionally render portions of your view based on content or data. These include: if, else if, and else statements, as well as switch statements.

Control structures are typically paired with a ternary operator or object method call so that you can easily negate logic.

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Arrays and Hashes

These are very powerful objects that PHP provides to make your life easier. A single dollar sign is used for both arrays and hashes, but they serve two different purposes:

A hash is used for storing information that only has one value per key, whereas an array stores many values. Here’s an example of each: $example = [ id => 1, value => 2 ]; $example = { id => 1, value => 2 }; Hashes start with a dollar sign while arrays start with a pair of brackets; otherwise they work exactly the same.

9) Responsible Interface

Responsible Interface is a new feature added in the Laravel with the release of Laravel 5.5 in August 2017. It is a class that is used to implement the interface which can be returned by using the controller method. After that, the router is going to check for the instance of Responsible when preparing the response from “Illuminate\Routing\Router”. In the image below, we will show an example of the non-implementation of the Responsible interface:

The image below will show the code for what a class looks like after implementing the Responsible Interface:

In the above example, users can respond with JSON automatically if the request has been made through AJAX by default, it would redirect to the route “”.

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10) Automatic Package Discovery

Previously, in the earlier versions of Laravel, it was not easy to install packages. However, in Laravel 5.5 a new feature called Automatic Package Discovery detects the packages automatically which users want to install. Meaning that now users don’t have to set up any aliases or providers from installing new packages in Laravel. Also, Laravel 5.5 allows developers to disable this feature for specific packages.

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How Should you Start with Laravel

The amazing features mentioned above are quite enough to understand that it’s the best PHP framework in 2023. However, you need developers to start your web development project. If you have a long-term project in mind that requires attention from the scratch, then dedicated development teams are appropriate.

However, if you want to make some minor tweaks or renovate your site, you can extend your existing PHP development teams with co-developers. Regardless of the needs, you must rely on a technology partner like ValueCoders for all your development needs.


The popularity of the Laravel framework is on the rise due to its incredible features. Also, Laravel provides extensive community support as well. Moreover, if businesses want to outsource the web development work or hire Laravel developer then we at ValueCoders are always there for them. Because our web app developers guaranteed SLA’s, have implemented over 5000+ projects, and have 12+ years of experience, we are having over 1500 happy customers and provide a zero-billing guarantee.

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What are some alternatives to Laravel?

Some alternatives to Laravel are:




-Zend Framework

Which famous brands are using Laravel?

Some top brands that are using Laravel are:

  • 9GAG
  • BBC
  • TourRadar
  • Crowdcube
  • Pfizer

How is Laravel different from other PHP frameworks?

Laravel is different from other PHP frameworks in many ways, such as its focus on expressive and elegant syntax, easy-to-read and maintain code, built-in tooling for authoring and maintaining packages, etc.

What are some features of Laravel?

Some of the top features of Laravel are:

-Blade templating engine

-Artisan CLI

-Eloquent ORM

-MVC support

-Reverse Routing

-Restful Controllers 

Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2024?

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