5 Reasons To Opt For .Net Development In 2018


Today, a large number of online businesses exist in this cut-throat competitive environment. Most of these businesses are demanding expert developers for developing innovative solutions and cool strategies in order to keep them ahead of this competition. By adopting innovative web and mobile solutions, this will not only increase their revenue but also cut operational costs to gain a competitive edge. Thus, Microsoft’s .Net development framework is a perfect and true solution for all such problems as it develops flexible business applications within the defined time and budget.

In addition, it is an ideal business solution for businesses in 2018 which was developed by Microsoft in 2002. It offers real benefits in business app development in diverse fields from complex web apps to create simple websites. In fact, the .NET architecture carries out a consistent, scalable and dependable environment for developing powerful web apps.

According to BuiltWith stats, approximately 41,304,935 live websites are using ASP.NET in their records.

As per SimilarTech, approx. 17,911,080 websites are built using .NET web development and there are 10,406,741 unique domains are present for this.

.Net web development platform helps in building various business applications. Some of these applications are mentioned below:

– Custom CRM systems
– Inventory applications
– XML Web Services
– Accounting / Bookkeeping systems
– Warehouse and storehouse systems
– Dynamic websites
– Business Intelligence applications
– Logistics and supply chain management solutions
– Mobile apps

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In this blog, we will discuss how .NET development can be beneficial for your online business. Some of its major business benefits are listed below:

1) Reliable and scalable .Net Development

.NET web development framework has proven to be a highly robust and reliable application development platform when it comes to the development of commercial applications. Since its launch 14 years ago, the .NET web development platform has been widely used by small, medium and large companies as the platform chosen for technical organizational strategies. ASP.NET web development easily lends itself to the needs of rapidly growing companies by providing the right framework to modify business applications quickly and efficiently. This means that your application can grow and evolve as your business grows.

2) Interoperability

Recently, Microsoft has released two editions of Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) in order to create and improve the degree of ease and efficiency. Hire .NET developers to create apps for devices connected to IoT. This has significantly increased the flow and security of interoperability for software designed in .NET web development platform. The benefits of this movement are extreme. For example, the Azure IoT Suite offers a set of open source SDKs that provide greater speed, flexibility, and security for open-source developments. Hence, .NET web development cuts the frills of the interoperability.

3) Impeccable Safety   .Net Development

Since its inception, .NET web development framework has been retained as a formidable technological framework in many organizations. From governments to MNCs, and privately held organizations, .NET web development framework has served as an information security framework. For instance, India’s Passport Seva site is a high-profile place where .NET web development has been used unwaveringly.

With an MVC architecture leaning towards SoC, this development of Microsoft applications facilitates the secure integration of scalable applications by many-a mobile and web development company. In addition, with applications such as ASP .NET development and web APIs such as SQL Server and Azure Document DB, a formidable technological framework can be used for a wide range of industries, including digital marketing, finance, and education.

4) Vast and Workable

When it comes to mobility solutions, .NET web development provides more flexible and versatile mobile app development solutions which are continuously widening. In fact, the wide community of .NET web development has created many projects to foster the interaction between mobile devices and websites.

Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL), a database for mobile devices that includes the name, type (smartphone or tablet), height and width of the screen, type and version of the browser and much more is the flagship project for this set of .NET web development. This data collection device gives webmasters and any mobile and web development company more information about the mobile traffic user agents of their site. This database can also be easily integrated into any .NET project.

In general, it is known that mobile applications based on .NET offer incredible user experiences and help companies(small or big) to increase the demand for their products and services.

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5) Open Source Community

After its initiation, .NET was primarily undertaken as a countermeasure against the disruptive influence of Sun’s Java in the IT industry. To address Java’s attractive cross-platform compatibility attributes and relatively simpler and more productive languages, Microsoft invented C #, the primary language for .NET web development.

However, after successfully facing the Java competition for many years with an internal team of Windows developers, as well as a policy of profit-seeking licenses, Microsoft decided to take the step and integrate open source and multiplatform technology frameworks through open source .NET Core, a multiplatform platform for the .NET Framework, which only runs on Windows.

Microsoft made the move to resolve the monolithic nature of the .NET web development Framework that imposed impediments in the execution of certain developments. And there is no better way to implement cross-platform compatibility than open-source.

The result was favorable to the company’s offer to strengthen its customer base, as well as the number of third-party applications that are compatible with the .NET platform. With this move, Microsoft seeks to expand the number of applications that can be run using the C # programming languages. This will also increase the company’s income. With the increase in the number of developments executed with the language of the company, the number of licenses and subscriptions for SharePoint and Office 365 increases.

However, this movement has fostered constellations of app developers and dedicated .NET developer communities that work with a wider range of platforms including Android, Linux, Mac OS, and iOS.

Besides this, .NET development offers commercial .NET Services. Some of these services offered to businesses are given below:

– .NET design and architecture evaluation
– Migrating desktop and web applications to .NET
– .NET Software Product Development
– Developing web services utilizing .NET web development framework and the SOAP toolkit
– .NET Architecture and app development
– .NET custom control development


So we have seen various business benefits of .NET web development framework. In fact, .NET development framework is a reliable, safe and profitable framework with which you can build amazing commercial applications. It allows dedicated .NET developers to reuse, expand and scale, which is recognized as objectives for good software, both for efficient development times and for general commercial benefits.

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  1. Fully agree with you, we have a lot of benefits of .NET web development framework. Companies across the globe, from startups to large enterprises, choose .Net for IT outsourcing for a variety of grounded reasons.

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