Top 7 ASP.Net Tools To Build Outstanding Web App- Infographic

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ASP.Net tools provide programming guidelines that can be employed to build a wide range of applications for both web and mobiles. The .NET framework can work with different programming languages such as C#, C++, VB.NET, F#, and more. These tools are a set of programs for managing the network subsystem of the Linux core.

Let’s talk about the Best Tools that Every .Net Developer Should Use In Upcoming Years.

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1) Visual Studio

This is one of the most famous .NET tools employed for designing various sorts of applications, including mobile apps, as well as websites. Its visual studio extension extends the core VS functionality with multiple features like task shortcuts and Intellisense for CSS/HTML/JavaScript, etc.

2) NuGet

It is a package manager tool that allows access to third-party libraries and creates or share its own tools. NuGet .NET tool has more than 98,000 packages accessible, making it the most comprehensive database for .NET.


3) ReSharper

This tool supports in performing on-the-go code analysis; additionally, it also allows numerous quick-fixes to come with programmed code refactoring. ReSharper has 60+ refactoring and 450+ context actions. 

4) NDepend

It is a tp level tool to help developers improve the quality of their codes by utilizing various metrics. This static analysis tool allows the visualization of the code’s design and helps determine the technical base of the IDE. development

5) .NET Reflector

.NET Reflector helps debug the .NET code, such as third-party elements even if there are no documentation. It also presents an acumen into what the code does when modified.


6) LINQPad

It is a lightweight extension used to test LINQ queries or any C#/F#/Visual Basic program. This tool is popular for its rich output formatting, integrated debugging, and optional auto-completion.

7) SQL Complete

It is a productivity tool that expands the SQL Server Management Studio with multiple features, including script generation, tab coloring, navigation, and more.

Wrapping Up

These top .NET tools will help you build leading web apps. If you are finding difficulty in picking the best tool, then promptly hire .NET developers from the reputed IT outsourcing company. This will help you in finding the best match for your business requirements. 


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