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11 Top Programming Trends To Look For In 2019

11 Top Programming Trends To Look For In 2019

In 2019, millennial customers are going digital. As much as they want to surf the Internet, they like to spend their time on Smartphones too. Hence, as a business owner, it’s your time to make a stronger online presence for a better brand image.  How about building a state-of-the-art website? Or a mobile app to stay one touch away from your customers? Seems profitable. Right? But, before you decide to build your app, take a look at the programming trends that most of the IT outsourcing companies are following in 2018. It will help you get a brief idea about which programming language should be perfect for your project.

11 Top Programming Trends

This year many programming languages have lost it’s importance and many other platforms have emerged. However, the most noticing development has been done in JavaScript. Hence, let us start with this.

 1) JavaScript:

According to a research from Redmonk,  JavaScript is on the top of the list. And obviously why not!! With the newly released Angular 4, upcoming React fibre, fast growing Vue.js, feature packed Node.js and many other frameworks and libraries, JavaScript is growing really fast and developers of top IT outsourcing Companies are more keen to learn this language than ever.

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Top Programming languages

Moreover, with the help of JavaScript MV*, it is much easier to build complicated apps with less lines of code and taking less time. These web apps are easily turned into cross platform mobile apps with the help of PhoneGap, Xamarin and other technologies which in tern will get your work done in one attempt.

 2) Java 10.0

With 22.6% Market share Java is a dominating the programming trends and maintaining it’s legacy from years. Though recently Java has become quite less popular as other programming languages are taking place, yet with 1.1% reduced popularity it tops the chart of PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language on Github.

Java Programming Language Redmonk

Java 8 is much faster than before and with less lines of codes a feature rich application can be build. Even the latest version was released back in 2014 still the features are helpful and saves cost for businesses.

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 3) Python

Python is really gaining all the buzz these days. This language is widely accepted by data scientists and data analysts, it has also become a very useful language for software engineers, software developers, development leads, managers, engineers, system analysts and web developers under the umbrella of IT outsourcing companies.

As per the PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language report, Python has 16.4% market share and considered to be the second popular language as searched for tutorials on Google. Also it’s one of the leading languages that sets a programming trend in Artificial Intelligence.

Pythong Programming language Spectrum

 4) PHP 7.0

PHP has been here for a long time. Some say PHP is dying. However, PHP is alive and well also still in Programming trends. With PHP 7, the latest version, things are different. In the past, PHP was a simple way to build a few dynamic web pages. If you needed a bit of variety, you could embed simple code between HTML tags. It was basic enough for web developers to embrace it, but slow enough to draw sneers from hard-core programmers.

Now it’s easy to execute PHP code faster than ever by incorporating the Just-in-Time compiler technology like Java. Now tools like the HipHop Virtual Machine and PHP 7.0 are delivering speeds that is twice as fast as the old versions. Though it has lost market share by 5.1% in the last 5 years yet it’s one of the top languages that IT outsourcing companies prefer to build amazing websites.

PHP programming trends 2017

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 5) Swift

When it comes to native mobile app development Swift is the new sensation for iOS. For years, iOS developers were dependant on Objective C. However, recently Swift has entered the top 10 list leaving it’s predator behind amd the IT outsourcing companies are adopting it in a rapid pace.

Most of the mobile-app developers confirm that it is much easier than Objective – C. Although Swift isn’t going to replace Objective-C , however, it gaining a lot of attention in 2017. With the release of Swift 2 which offers a host of new, developer-friendly features, this new programming language is certainly to stay in the programming trends.

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 6) R

R is the highly preferred language for a growing number of statisticians, data scientists, data analysts and other analytical types had been enjoying a incremental rise, moving from 15 to a steady 13 and finally jumping to 12 in the Redmonk’s list. Also every year the popularity has increased constantly.

r programming trend

This is principally attributable to a softening in its GitHub ranking in the new process. Unlike its competitor in the analytical space, Python, which rose three spots along that axis, R fell five spots in GitHub rankings even as its Stack Overflow ranking rose one place. This minor movement, however, says little about R’s current or future performance; like PHP, the language remains popular in spite of a step back.

7) Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails(RoR) is considered to be one of the favorite languages for web developers. Ruby is a funny programming language that makes the developers happy at work. Some of the big brands like Hulu, Airbnb, Basecamp developed their websites with RoR.

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Though Ruby has lost it’s importance a bit still it is highly preferred by IT outsourcing companies. The latest 5.0 version has many new features and can build web apps faster. As per Redmonk’s list Ruby has occupied 7th ranking and it’s in the programming trends as well.

Ruby Programming trends

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 8) Go Programming Trends

Go also benefited from the new ranking model, jumping four spots in the GitHub portion of our ranking system, that wasn’t enough to keep up with Swift which leapfrogged it. To some extent, this isn’t a surprise, as Go had neither the built in draw of iOS mobile app development nor is it generally positioned as a front and back end language as Swift increasingly is. More to the point, while it might have held static, a ranking of 15 is impressive for an infrastructure runtime.

Hence, many IT outsourcing companies are focusing on this language and it has set a new programming trend among developers.

9) TypeScript

Of all of the top tier programming languages, none jumped more than TypeScript on GitHub rankings. While it also saw improvement in its Stack Overflow ranks, it was the GitHub improvement that vaulted it nine spots up and into the Top 20. As Angular is playing a vital role in TypeScript, it can be one of the major factors for to rise suddenly.

Also in the PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language report it has the 15th rank

Typescript programming trends

 10) Kotlin

Kotlin is rising very quickly these days and changing the programming trends. It’s holding 19th position in the PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language report.

Kotlin Programming Trends

There are many reasons behind this. This language is Swift alike. While Kotlin comes with Java on multiple fronts, its ability to both leverage the JVM and interoperate and intermingle with Java code is enormously important. Moreover, it offers top notch tools and it has a large number of growing supporters. This is why IT outsourcing companies are getting into this language this year.

11) Scala

Scala, a general purpose programming language, has been designed to be concise and fulfill the shortcomings of Java mostly. Its source code is intended to be compiled to Java bytecode to allow the resultant code to run on a Java VM. Also, as its name suggests (Scala is portmanteau of scalable and language), Scala is designed to grow with the demand.

Hence, it has a great demand among IT outsourcing companies who know the shortcomings of Java and use it as a replacement. Scala also acquires 11th place on Redmonk’s list and getting popular every year.

Scala programming trends

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Bottom Line

Now you know that which language is getting attention these days and which one is good for your next Web development or mobile app development project. ValueCoders is one of the top IT outsourcing companies in India that can help you built your mobile or web application. We have expertise in many languages including the 11 mentioned above.

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