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Simple Ways of Overcoming Common Challenges of App Store Optimization

Simple Ways of Overcoming Common Challenges of App Store Optimization

New and exciting apps hit app stores almost every day. In such a scenario, app publishers often face the challenge of popularizing their apps among the target audience. App Store Optimization or ASO is a common goal for numerous app owners or publishers that they intend to achieve as quickly as possible. While trying to ensure an app’s visibility, an app publisher may commit several ASO mistakes. We are enumerating below some of the common App Store Optimization mistakes that you should avoid, on your way to making your apps more visible and popular among the masses.

1. Are You Changing Your App’s Title Too Often?

You are trying to improve the ASO ranking of your app, but changing your title too often would not help. It will make your app less visible to the audience. Instead, focus on a good title app from the very beginning and do not change it. Users will download your app and will leave reviews and this will help others to find your app. If you change your title, despite positive reviews, others may fail to find your app because of a changed title.

2. Are you using too many keywords?

Don’t think using too many keywords in your title or description will drive the ASO ranking. Stuffing your title or description with repetitive keywords may deteriorate your ASO ranking, on the contrary. It will be sensible to pick a few keywords that look natural and will appeal to the users.

3. Are you relying on the most-searched keywords only?

A considerable keyword research could be the key to your Apps Store Optimization. However, you should not rely on the most-searched keywords only. Instead, focus on relevant keywords and choose them on the basis of their relevancy. The keywords that are relevant to your app will drive your ASO ranking up, even if these are not most searched keywords.

4. Are you using the Google+ plugin?

As an app publisher, you need to understand the power of Google+ plugin, and you need to include this plugin. This will help you receive Google+ feedbacks and will improve your app’s visibility on the Google Play. The more positive feedbacks you will receive, the more boost your ASO ranking will achieve in an organic manner.

5. Are you providing enough description about your app?

One of the important factors of improving your ASO ranking could be to offer as much detail as you can to the users about your app, before they download it. Use a few high resolution screenshots to draw the attention of the users. Enumerate the features, benefits and USPs of your app, so that potential users can assess its usefulness. Try to present the information in an impressive manner so that users can quickly learn the salient features of your app.

An impressive ASO ranking is important to make your app more visible among the users. These are the common mistakes that you need to avoid while trying to promote your app on an app store and make it more saleable.

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