Top FinTech Software Development Companies 2022 (Updated List)

top 10 fintech software development companies 2020

Fintech technology has brought innovations in the Fintech Software industry, which includes the ever-expanding integrations between finance and digital technology. These integrations mainly seek to automate and improve the use and provision of services to fintech software companies and consumers.

Previously, Fintech services were limited only to laptops and desktops, but now they are also increasing on smartphones. In the United States, 64.0% of millennials and 59.0% of Gen Xers are using a banking application on their smartphones.

The Fintech landscape has a wide range of applications that are diverse and growing with technical advancements in areas including insurance technology, Blockchain, digital banks, and lending platforms.

Different types of Fintech software available in the market in 2022 are listed below:

-> Insurance (InsurTech) 

-> Cryptocurrency and Blockchain 

-> Payments Gateways (for financial software development company)

-> Regulatory (RegTech) (for financial software development company)

-> Peer-to-Peer lending/Crowdfunding

List of top Fintech software development companies:

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Here, I have curated a list of top Fintech software development companies that would surely help you develop useful fintech solutions to upgrade your business. 

1) Fingent

  • Locale: New York
  • Staff Size: 201–500
  • Pricing: $25–$49/ hr
  • Project Size: $25 000

For more than 15 years of business experience, the team of fintech software developers has helped financial software development organizations to look at the emerging digital trends and implement them as world-class FinTech software solutions that meet real business needs.

Fingent(a leading financial software development company) helps banks and financial managers digitize their operations with advanced technologies such as Robotics,  Blockchain, AI, and Analysis. It also offers solutions that will help improve procedures and secure payment processing through Blockchain smart contracts and cybercrime security.

According to GoodFirms, it is one of the best fintech software development companies and has won many awards and recognitions from Clutch and application development leaders. It also comes in the list of top finance software developers through good ratings from ITFirms, the Software world, 99Firms, etc.

Top Clients: CBN, TaxSlayer, Replika Software


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2) ValueCoders


  • Locale: India 

  • Staff Size: 450-500

  • Pricing: $25/hr

  • Project Size: $25 000

As a FinTech software development company, their goal is to leverage their expertise to develop financial software development solutions such as payment gateways, digital wallets, bank portals, Robo advisors, and more. With more than 15 years of experience and a development team of more than 450, they ensure to increase data security and optimize ROI for our clients. (financial software development company)

They provide custom FinTech software solutions & Custom Software Development Services to financial and FinTech organizations, including banks, credit unions, and all kinds of companies looking to establish effective and digitally-enabled financial processes. Its clients include more than 2,500 global brands, small companies, agencies, companies, and software companies.

You can hire a finance software developer from them who excels at working on numerous technologies, viz. Java, Python, IoT, Blockchain, Mongo DB, JavaScript, AWS, Big Data, etc. We are experienced in Custom Applications Development according to the requirements of your business.

Top Clients: Capgemini, Selectspecs, UNESCO


3) Consagous Technologies (financial software development company)

  • Locale: Austin, Texas
  • Staff Size: 50–249
  • Pricing: $25–49/hr
  • Project Size: $10 000

Consagous believes in offering financial software development solutions that lead the way to immense growth for companies. With their technical and professional experience in the financial sector, you can be sure of obtaining comprehensive solutions for all your financial technology requirements, all of which enable a great transformation without a doubt.

This financial software development company provides a wide variety of Fintech software services for the banking & insurance industry. The firm also provides a global experience and strong value propositions for business growth.

It offers services related to investment and acquisitions management, offering you flexible and affordable options for your IT transformation. It has also ranked in the top positions as the best Android app development company by Clutch. So as you can see, Consagous Technologies may be the right FinTech software development partner for you.

Top Clients: Hitch-Hiker, Slum Breaker, MOTUS 


4) Sidebench


  • Locale: Los Angeles, CA
  • Staff Size: 249-500
  • Pricing: $150–199/hr
  • Project Size: $50 000

Sidebench is an award-winning UX design, mobile app, fintech software development company in Los Angeles. It has a diverse group of digital strategists, technologists, finance software developers, and opinion leaders. The agency provides financial software development outsourcing services and comprehensive financial technology solutions to meet the changing needs of modern finance.

To provide innovative fintech software solutions for the healthcare industry to first-of-its-kind experiences for major consumer brands, it streamlines processes for government entities, our capabilities are broad and adaptable.

It is also listed as the top financial software development company in Los Angeles, according to Clutch. These awards demonstrate that this company can be a good partner in creating a digital experience for your financial services.

Top Clients: Facebook, Microsoft, SONY


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5) Swenson He


  • Locale: Culver City, CA
  • Staff Size: 11–50
  • Pricing: $150–199/hr
  • Project Size: $25 000

This financial software development company was founded in 2014 by two alumni from MIT. The company develops high-impact, high-value mobile application and financial software development solutions for financial service providers and startups by dedicated finance software developers.

The company claims that its dedicated team of the world’s most talented young fintech software developers, with experience and titles from top technology companies and academies, is the key to the company’s success.

As one of the full-service fintech software development companies, it gives a wide range of software development services in the financial software development domain using all the latest platforms viz. Objective-C, Android, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, IoT, Cloud development, etc.  

Top Clients: Stanford Healthcare, Simplehuman, Scotts Miracle-Grow    


6) Merixstudio



  • Locale: Poznan, Poland
  • Staff Size: 120+
  • Pricing: $50–99/hr
  • Project Size: $25 000

Merixstudio is a leading FinTech software development company offering the best solution for FinTech software companies. It has an expert team of more than 120 fintech software developers who create specialized consulting & development solutions for the banking and financial industries. It also creates complex digital products for clients worldwide. (financial software development company)

As per Clutch, this firm has been listed as one of the top FinTech software development companies in 2019. It has also been ranked in the topmost positions as the best Python and Django development company by The Manifest.

They believe in the power of teamwork to create great projects. They solve various business challenges by creating incredible mobility and web solutions based on the latest software development technologies.

Top Clients: Toshiba, FOX, BURROW


7) The Sneakers Agency 


  • Locale: New York
  • Staff Size: 201-500
  • Pricing: $25-49/hour
  • Project Size: $25000

The Sneakers Agency is a full-service financial software development company focused on helping brands launch and grow their businesses. It provides a set of comprehensive software development services for various industries, such as FinTech, healthcare, education, e-commerce, etc.

In addition to Fintech software development, its services include UX Strategy & Design, Android & iOS Mobile Development, Web & App Development, Marketing, QA & Deployment, DevOps, CRM & Hosting, SEO & Social Media Marketing.

The team of polished professionals will help you build exceptional FinTech digital experiences for the web and mobile devices.

Top Clients: Since 2014, the company has been a trusted partner for more than 50 startups and global brands like Pepsi, Vimeo, Barbarian, etc.


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8) Intellectsoft Technologies


  • Locale: Palo Alto, CA
  • Staff Size: 201-500
  • Pricing: $150-249/hour
  • Project Size: $50000

It is a Palo Alto-based strategy, design/development, and financial software development company. According to Clutch, it is one of the best financial software development providers in 2019. The agency provides FinTech software development outsourcing services and comprehensive financial technology solutions to meet the changing needs of modern finance.

A B2B App Development Companies ranking platform has recognized Intellectsoft as one of the top 10 startup app development companies. It is also listed as one of the top custom software development companies in Los Angeles, according to Clutch. These awards demonstrate that this company can be a good partner in creating a digital experience for your financial services.

Clients: Eurostar, EY, Jaguar


9) Atomic Object


  • Locale: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Staff Size: 201-500
  • Pricing: $50-149/hour
  • Project Size: $15000

Atomic Object( a recognized financial software development company) develops custom applications for web, mobile devices, desktops, and devices for financial companies and startups. It is a custom software development service provider that helps companies innovate and grow with innovative software products that are beautiful, reliable, and easy to use.

Your team of professional designers and developers can bring your idea to life, from planning to implementation. It will help you mitigate risk, make smart tradeoffs, and get the most value for your budget.

Clients: Quell, NSF, Priority Health



10) S-PRO Technologies


  • Locale: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Staff Size: 151
  • Pricing: $25-49/hour
  • Project Size: $50000

This financial software development company offers outstanding solutions for digital banking and Blockchain payment solutions, including credit rating, digitization of customer loyalty programs for banking systems, engineering of platforms for money transactions, online commerce, exchange, and P2P markets.

Recently, S-PRO has also been ranked as the # 1 Blockchain Developer 2019 by Clutch and Best Software Development Company by GoodFirms. Their services have been featured on Yahoo Finance this year.

Clients: Huawei, Red Bull, Samsung

#11. Belatrix

  • Locale: Redwood City, California
  • Staff Size: 700–800
  • Pricing: NA
  • Project Size: NA

Belatrix is a Fintech software company that positions itself as an innovator in its sphere. It transforms the world with expertise and assists businesses of any size. Good Firms recognized Belatrix among leaders for its excellent work on developing cutting-edge technology to make businesses more efficient through automation while also providing enjoyable interfaces, so it doesn’t feel like you’re working from Behind-the-scenes all day long!

The team at Beltix promises top-notch customer service around every corner, including 24/7 support tickets answered within minutes during weekends or holidays if needed.

Belatrix is a leader in merging the worlds of finances and technology. Their WOW service makes it easy to get on board with modern banking practices by seamlessly integrating old favorites, as well as offering new services that utilize cutting-edge technologies like blockchain for safekeeping your money!

Clients: Ratio, Haku Wale, L4 Digital, Small Footprint,


#12. Andersen

  • Locale: New York, NY
  • Staff Size: 1000+
  • Pricing: $25-$49/hour
  • Project Size: 2007

Andersen helps you achieve project success with over 2200 experienced and qualified IT professionals who can deliver your end-to-end solution. With the company, you control the hiring process, reviewing CVs of potential candidates to select one that best suits your needs for a 6-month warranty on all codes delivered by Andersen’s staff since 2007!

The company steps into key roles where necessary so as not to disrupt an already established routine — delivering successful projects is what we do best. Andersen’s developers, business analysts, and designers will deliver your project end-to-end.

Alternatively, they can step into key roles to augment your existing team with high-quality software development services such as manual and automation testing for mobile web or desktop applications alongside QA audit & consultancy in test management performance testing. ISTQB certified experts working at the heart of it all are ready when you need them!.

Clients: IHS Markit, GlobePayroll, Media Markt, Samsung, Marvel


#13. Intellias

  • Locale: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Staff Size: 1000+
  • Pricing: $50-$99/hour
  • Project Size: 2002


Clutch awarded Intellias two prestigious awards in 2020, one for software development and the other for AI. This top Fintech development company has had many successful delivered B2B digital payment solutions with its award-winning platforms that serve financial institutions across all markets, including banking, lending & alternative finance as well security compliance issues related too.

The company is headquartered out of Lviv, Ukraine, where they employ close 200 employees due primarily to its high burgeoning tech industry hub allowing them access not only locally but also internationally upon request given past experience working on projects located within Europe.

Intellias is a software development company that provides innovative solutions for clients. In particular, it focuses on introducing new technologies and creating products in organizational design to help organizations grow with time without losing sight of their needs today. Intelligently designed platforms allow companies to take advantage of emerging trends while remaining up-to-date through constant changes within the industry as well as global advancements outside its borders.

Clients: HERE Technologies, LG Electronics, KIA, Siemens, Deloitte, Nokia


#14. LeewayHertz

  • Locale: San Francisco, CA
  • Staff Size: 50–249
  • Pricing: $50-$99/hour
  • Project Size: 2007

LeewayHertz is one of the top custom financial application development companies admired by startups and enterprises that strive for technology transformation. The company centers on building innovative business solutions using emerging deep tech like Blockchain, AI, IoT, and ML while working with clients across a range of different industries.

It is engaged in helping several industries transform their ecosystems through constructive disruption in order to stay competitively abreast with market trends. LeewayHertz has been changing the world of finance and technology by providing cutting-edge services.

It is redefining other industries with software development, consultancy, maintenance solutions that offer end-to-end capabilities for all your needs in both fields! From quickly deployable products like Social Distancing Alert System or NFT storage to more comprehensive ones such as developing custom ERP systems on demand — Leewaayhertz will be there every step if you need them.

Clients: ESPN, Johnson and Johnson, McKinsey, NASCAR, Siemens,


#15. Praxent

  • Locale: Austin, TX
  • Staff Size: 50–249
  • Pricing: $50-$99/hour
  • Project Size: 2000


Praxent is a full-fledged fintech development company that specializes in the design and implementation of complex financial services for businesses. The service offers world-class customer experiences by making it easier to integrate their products, including insurance or lending options.

The company also provides custom software work as well as modernizing aging technology installations with minimal cost impact on operations while maximizing performance potentials. It simplifies business transactions into simple solutions tailored specifically around each client’s unique needs: whether it’s managing cash flow challenges like credit cards followed up by loans if you need more time before paying off what was already spent.

In the last 20 years, Praxent has assembled a fast-moving team of 70+ software designers and engineers that are able to deliver transformative solutions for clients such as Dimensional Fund Advisors. We build it with you — not by just changing your current resources but also relying on new ideas from what others have succeeded in doing before us so we can work together towards making this process easier than ever!

Clients: NORCAL Mutual, Dimensional Fund Advisors, CMIC Group, Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Amherst Holdings,


#16. Capital Numbers

  • Locale: Kolkata, India
  • Staff Size: 250–999
  • Pricing: starting from $25/hour
  • Project Size: 2012

CapitalNumbers is a top-tier provider of custom financial solutions and teams for executing the development and design projects. With 600+ resources, they have specialized expertise in technologies like CMS., Front End Web Design/Development (ASPX), Mobile Application Development(APPS), Ecom & Retail CRM, etc.

The company claims that it has delivered 1500 successful completed jobs to its clients since inception, with an outstanding success rate greater than 95%. The team at CapitalNumbers is committed to helping its clients grow their engineering teams in a cost-effective manner.

The company is an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified global solutions provider with 600+ full-time experts on staff who can work alongside you from anywhere around the world through advanced technology like remote collaboration platforms for maximum productivity and efficiency across borders.

Clients: HelloBar, Consumer Reports, Kargo, Fundation, Thomson Reuters


#17. Daxx

  • Locale: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Staff Size: 250–999
  • Pricing: $25-$49/hour
  • Project Size: 1999

Daxx is a financial software development company that has been named as one of the top developers in Ukraine for 2019 by Clutch. Specialized, it offers medium-sized businesses various solutions from building entire dedicated teams to providing consulting on an individual basis with just meetings!

The Daxx team offers cutting-edge Fintech software development services to upgrade customer service experience and lead businesses towards new opportunities. The company works with leading technologies in automation, customization of processes for each client request (eagerly awaited), blockchain adoption — all this while maintaining an agile mindset so they can adapt as fast as possible at the time to meet changing needs!

The innovative minds behind these offerings at The Digital XChange know that success hinges on staying one step ahead by using their expertise throughout every stage from inception through deployment; which is why you’re sure not only will have access but also relevant information about what’s currently being done elsewhere because there will always be somebody.

Clients: Pricena, I-Sec, Vivee, CuriosityStream, RightNow, Carerix


#18. Oxagile

  • Locale: New York, NY
  • Staff Size: 250–999
  • Pricing: $25-$49/hour
  • Project Size: 2005

Oxagile is a leading software development company that specializes in designing and developing financial applications for banks, brokers/dealers, credit unions as well as other organizations.

With over 400 professionals on staff across North America with experience from all operational domains, such companies can rely upon Oxgile to provide business support or complete projects using their expertise across various areas. Ther expertise includes Fintech (finance technology) solutions like APIs & BIAS, whereas marketing plays an important role when it comes coming up with new ideas which will help attract more customers towards your brand!

Oxagile is committed to helping businesses in Fintech, and financial institutions move seamlessly from an analog world of banking into the digital age. For over two decades now, they have been crafting enterprise-grade solutions that can take your business into what seems like tomorrow without any hiccups or errors along the way!

Clients: Kaltura, Google, Discovery Communications, Vodafone, Veon,, Thomson Reuters,


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#19. STX Next

  • Locale: Poznań, Poland
  • Staff Size: 50–249
  • Pricing: $50-$99/hour
  • Project Size: 2005

STX Next has an exceptional team of 250+ Python, JS, and React Native developers. The company’s ready to take on your project with extraordinary code at a moment’s notice! It employs over 400 people, including Product Designers who can help make every interface more intuitive for end-users; Manual QA testers ensure everything works as expected before releasing updates or new features into the production environment (manual testing doesn’t sound exciting…true story);

DevOps engineers will deploy changes across all environments in minutes, so you never have downtime again — no matter how busy things get here on earth. And finally, there are Data Engineers who specialize not just in one type/field but many different.

As part of this, it is proud to work alongside US-based companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) where you can find it contributing engineering expertise as well helping shape future product roadmaps by providing input at multiple stages throughout the process from design through launch day operations.

Clients: Mastercard, Pixomondo, Decathlon, Verve, Hogarth WW, Unity Technologies, Tiqets, Seerene


#20. BairesDev

  • Locale: San Francisco, CA
  • Staff Size: 50–249
  • Pricing: $50-$99/hour
  • Project Size: 2009

BairesDev is an innovative financial application development company with a mission to help brands of all sizes and industries get the most out of its technology. It offers everything from software development, IT staffing needs, architecture services for companies in need across multiple verticals — including I.T.-accelerated transformations that have led them recently on Fortune 500 list as the fastest-growing tech firm!

The bilingual team at BAIREES DEV ensures timely deliveries by working round-the-clock — ensuring clients’ digital transformation can be realized faster than ever before possible. The BairesDev team is made up of over 3,000 seasoned engineers in 36 countries who provide time zone aligned services for Fortune 500 companies and leading brands.

Its work has been reimagining the tech landscape since 2007 when the company first started working with Google as their preferred provider in Eastern Europe to make sure it could deliver timely information across all channels — including Search or YouTube videos that are geo-tagged so viewers know where those shots were taken!

Clients: Pinterest, Rolls-Royce, SiriusXM, Motorola, EY, Urban Outfitters

#21. 10Pearls

  • Locale: San Francisco, CA
  • Staff Size: 50–249
  • Pricing: $50-$99/hour
  • Project Size: 2009

10Pearls is a professional and innovative technology partner. The company’s spirit of innovation has been uniquely designed for mobile applications and custom software to come in tomorrow’s future. Let us build something together!

It provides complete suites of application services, including one-on-one consulting on emerging tech trends like AI or Blockchain as well as digital transformation strategies within the business needs — all at competitive rates by industry leaders with experience working across multiple domains such as healthcare, financial services, etc.

10Pearls is a company that creates transformational new digital products (mobile and web) at the intersection of market opportunity, customer experience, emerging technology. It helps teams in need by employing skillset augmentation, including development QA testing data analytics UX/UI Product Management for their respective areas — accelerating your team through these processes to make them successful!

Clients: PayPal, Docker, Hobsons, CocaCola, AmWell, Intuit, Stripe


#22. Trigent Software

  • Locale: Southborough, MA
  • Staff Size: 250–999
  • Pricing: $25-$49/hour
  • Project Size: 1995

Trigent has been a leading IT fintech development company since its inception in 1995. The team at Trigent is committed to helping clients across the value chain modernize, optimize and transform their environment with enterprise-wide digital solutions that make the best of breed for all industries they serve.

Trigent offers an extensive range ranging from design-build delivery Maintainance (DBD&M), including consulting service agreements that provide around-the-clock support onsite or as-needed basis 24/7 365 days per year worldwide.

Trigent provides consulting services such as design & development for infrastructure or cloud-based systems; managed service engagements on both private clouds (Amazon) with IBM SoftLayer — one-click deployment saves time!), big data analytics platforms created specifically for your business needs), product engineering QA/testing teams throughout all stages, including products.

Clients: Honeywell, HDFleet, Navistar, NEPC, SurgeTransportations, ReedTMS


#23. Avenga

  • Locale: L’viv, Ukraine
  • Staff Size: 1000+
  • Pricing: $50-$99/hour
  • Project Size: 2019

Since the 90s, Avenga is bringing its expertise to new heights. After merging with 4 other firms in November 2019, it now offers unique and well-established service for businesses of all types across Europe (including the UK), North America as well as Asia Pacific markets from offices located worldwide!

With over 2500 professionals on staff at any given time combined between these regions plus strong financial backing poised to expand internationally even further down the line — this isn’t just any old tech firm anymore; it’s an international powerhouse committed not only provide top quality products/services but also reliable support when you need them most.

Avenga delivers customer-centricity and the willingness to go above and beyond in order to deliver solutions that work. With a mission of shaking up conventional IT markets, they consult design engineers for reliable real-world results with a fast turnaround time.

  • Clients: Roche, Postbank, GSK, QPharma, Credit Suisse, Trov, ABB, Allianz

#24. Sidebench

  • Locale: Santa Monica, CA
  • Staff Size: 50–249
  • Pricing: $150-$199/hour
  • Project Size: 2012

Sidebench is an award-winning strategy, design, and development consultancy based in Los Angeles. It caters to innovative enterprise companies with top new ventures seeking product strategy who want the best of both worlds — seasoned consultants backed by experience as well as technical experts for building their products from scratch or improving existing ones.

The company believes that every company has unique opportunities waiting out there. Sidebench is a company that has been featured on Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Companies (4x), fast Company’s Best Apps & Games of 2020, as well as W3 Awards’ 20/19/18 and 17, respectively!

It was also awarded 2 Gold Stars in the Entrepreneur Magazine Most Entrepreneurial companies list from 2019–2020, making it qualified to discuss all your needs when it comes down to business growth.

Clients: Red Bull, Microsoft Corporation, Sony Pictures, Facebook, Instagram, Andreessen Horowitz


Must have a quick look at the video below:


I hope the above-listed fintech software development companies would surely help you find the best one to accomplish all your business requirements. I have provided you with the finest list of the world’s best financial software development companies that you can rely on. 

As these companies have already developed financial apps and received positive feedback from clients globally, you must go with the one as per your budget set. 


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