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Augmented Reality is the hot topic of IT sector industries. Most of the users want to make their applications of topnotch and this is possible by using techniques like AR. Topmost industries such as Healthcare, E-commerce, Development, etc are using this technique to expand their business.

AR technology got famous after the launch of Pokemon GO. The download volume of this game hit every app category and after that the AR technique got famous all over the world.

Augmented Reality apps are of two types that are marker-based apps and location-based apps. The applications correlated to shopping and games lie under a marker-based app. Location-based AR apps utilize GPS, compass information to showcase AR objects.

Best Augmented Reality Tools


On the basis of various factors, AR Development Tools are selected and these parameters include; Cost factor, performance volume, 3D image recognition, etc. Here I have listed the Top 5 Augmented Reality Development Tools that can help you to develop a featured app.

Google ARCore

Google ARCore tool permits developers to create an application on Android and iOS platforms. This SDK is fit with Java/OpenGL, Unreal, and Unity.


Apple ARKit

Apple ARKit allows us to develop the application for iOS devices and offers VIO for tracing the situation accurately without any hassle. 


MaxST can be used in various platforms it provides two toolkits: one is for 3D and another one is for 2D objects. This development toolkit is only fit with the 32-bit Unity editor version. 


The app developed in Wikitude tools can be used in Android, iOS, and Windows tablets. It permits developers to introduce and present 3D objects with SLAM technology.



App designed with Viforia can be used in Android, iOS, Windows. This SDK supports 2D & 3D with Vuforia Object scanner and provides a virtual button to enable surface into a touchscreen.


This blog will help you in identifying the Top Augmented Reality Development Tools. These SDK will make your AR Development process easier and will also help you to deliver upgraded version projects.

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Top Augmented Reality Tools with Infographic

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