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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If an optimal user experience can help you grow by leaps and bounds, a bad one can cause that facepalm moment time and again. It’s the same story everywhere: be it an ecommerce store or a B2B site, or a mobile app. So, how go about it? Well, first you should understand that there’s no holy grail here, no silver bullet, no panacea, no elixir and no ideal way that can guarantee you sure-shot success. But there certainly are some UX-related things that you don’t want to do, no matter what.

Copy that repels

There are many firms that don’t invest much on their content, ending up creating a copy that whole-heartedly repels. In such cases, mostly the developers or the SEOs write the content.

So, make sure that your copy reflects your business, creates a clear value proposition and leaves a lasting impression on your users.

Web form design that makes life complicated

We all have come across the Web forms that make us jump off the ship faster than the animals on Titanic. Right from contact us forms to checkout forms to registration forms, we have had hard times with all. Let’s now compare a couple of sing up forms.

The latter is not just simple but lets the user decide whether they want to login or proceed as guest. Which one would you like to go with?

Errors that really irritate users

Your user has set a password that’s strong and quite easy to remember for them. Now don’t irritate them by giving error messages like “you cannot keep your new password similar to your last one,” unless, of course, it’s truly essential and makes sense. Similarly use CAPTCHAS that humans can comprehend and don’t always keep them case sensitive.

If you love your users and like to see them happy, keep irritating and certainly avoidable things at bay.

Not investing in UX

This point can possibly cover all other points, but we thought it would be better to highlight them separately. Most online businesses don’t invest in UX at all, and when they do, they do it way too late. These businesses are missing out on what can be one of their best metrics: A good UX can not only help them attract customers but also creates a unique personality of their brand.

Want to see make happy customers and retain them for life? Want to look the best in class and enjoy seeing your customers saying good things about you across the world? Yes? Then embrace UX today! And please don’t forget that user experience also includes the quality of your product, service, after sales support and much more.

If you were seeking help related to UX design, we are always up for that. Give us a line!

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