Why Python a Right Tech to Build Your Financial and Banking App?

Are you from the finance, fintech, or banking industry? Are you looking to build your next business app? Know why Python is the best option to build your next finance & banking app. 

Why Python for banking app development?

Why Python for building your banking app? These days innovative apps and technologies are revolutionizing the banking and finance industry. As a result, businesses are looking for the right tech to develop their next banking application. There is a wide range of transformation takes place in the banking industry and your app must have the following features:

  • UX/UI elements
  • Authentication elements
  • Cybersecurity
  • Online Payments
  • Mobile payments

A recent survey states that Python has established itself as one of the best technologies for banking, fintech, and financial app development. In this post, we will discuss in detail why python is the right tech to build fintech, financial, and banking apps.

Reasons Why Python a Right Tech to Build Financial and Banking Apps

According to a survey by HackerRank, more than 30+ companies included in the banking and financial industries are using Python language for creating new financial and banking apps.

Why Python Work Best With Banking Algorithms?

To understand why Python is the most appropriate language for banking and financial industries, you should pay attention to all the technical challenges involved like the algorithmic problem. And, why Python is the right tech to solve all kinds of algorithmic issues? 

The algorithmic problem may be the first basic problem developers face when building any new financial and banking app. Since banking and financial software are closely related to many calculations, stats, figures, etc. The software or app should be very intelligently designed to work with a large number of mathematically based tasks.

That is why it is so crucial to choose the right technology. And Python shows its own benefits since its syntax and techs are similar to the mathematical syntax which is applied in financial algorithms. In app development, it may be important to assign value parameters, and the Python language syntax allows you to do this fastly.

And, this is why Python provides splendid opportunities for the banking and financial institutions to change the way they are operating. Here are some more advantages of Python that make it so popular in the banking industry:

Concise Coding: Python uses a laconic syntax type, so you don’t need to write long lines for coding. That’s why Python is so popular among young developers.

Strong Framework: Python’s best framework for banking apps is Django that provides better off-the-shelf functionality than other frameworks. And, this is why Python’s Django framework is your best best.

A Scalable Platform: Python is a simple language that is also very consistent that makes it a scalable platform to use for your banking app development. And this is why Python is the most popular and demanded technology among developers.

Why Python For Better Vectorization of Your App?

For instance, your intention is to be in charge of the development of banking and financial software which requires a mathematical function to help your customers optimize different financial processes.

In order to implement it, developers use vectorization functions which can be obtained with the NumPy. It is a Python open-source library for mathematical calculations and support for the high-level mathematical function.

It will allow banking app developers to create 50,000 calculations within a single line of code and speeds up the development process and the quality of the financial and banking app. This is why Python language is a perfect choice for your banking app development.

Why Python For Quick Compilation of Codes?

The biggest benefit of the Python language lies in the quick code compilation of the app being developed. And some of the corresponding Python language libraries like Cython or Numba provide the banking app developers with important functions that help compile Python code into machine code dynamically or statically. This is why Python processing speed becomes much faster and the development of your banking app moves more easily.

Why Python Libraries To Build High-Performance Banking Software?

Python libraries

In this point, it should be noted that Python language comes with a large set of auxiliary libraries which changes the process of interaction with mathematical tasks. The task of software developers is to select the right Python library which is to be used in developing financial and banking apps to provide businesses with a high-performance banking app or software.

By using the right set of Python libraries, the financial and banking app built with Python will become much better in performance than the other apps that are made using other technologies. So, this is why Python language is the most preferred among the developers.  


Why Python Used In the Different Areas of Banking and Financial Industry?

We have already listed the reasons above why Python should be used for financial and banking app development and these reasons are the best answer to your query. Now check some of the banking and financial areas where Python technology can be used:

Banking Software

Why Python in this area of the banking industry? The answer is simple, we all use both apps and software for banking and online payment systems. As we have discussed above, the Python language is having all capabilities making it quite acceptable for this particular segment. Moreover, because of the mathematical syntax of Python language, the software required for ATMs is written in this fantastic technology. Because it allows banking app developers to integrate PHP language algorithms to quicken up payment processing.

Cryptocurrency Markets

Why Python in cryptocurrency markets? If your business deals in selling a cryptocurrency, you need to know about the right way to proceed with the market analysis of cryptocurrency to see the predictions for the current and future situation.

Python language is not the last technology that can help you do that. The banking app developers create a special type of Python scripts to get and analyze all required data and create visualizations of it. Using Anaconda which is known as the Python Data Science ecosystem you can then retrieve Bitcoin or Ethereum pricing data and analyze it. Therefore, the majority of special banking apps and web apps created for cryptocurrency analysis are developed using Python language.

Data Analysis

Why Python for data analysis in the banking industry? For this, there’s a package known as the Pandas package. Pandas is a high-level library that can turn Python language into a powerful tool for data analysis.

Financial modeling in Python language can also be done quickly by using the Pandas package. For now, it is the most advanced tool with higher performance for analysis and data processing and that’s why Python Pandas is the most preferred library among the developers’ community.

For instance, when Python developers are working with a large amount of data, they must analyze it to get all the useful information for other activities. The Python Pandas library allows you to view all the received data so you can use Python for statistical calculations. Autolearning libraries like PyBrain and Scikit-Learn can also be utilized for machine learning models for generating predictions.

Why Python Used By Some of the Famous Banking and Financial Vendors?

Here’s an example of the popular most banking and financial vendor using Python:


Venmo is a unique service in the USA which represents a social media platform and a payment service all in one. By using Venmo, you can easily transfer money to another account, you can also use it for making payments in the shops, and you can easily chat with your friends.

The service came into existence in 2009, and its first goal was to share the bill with friends to pay for dinner, taxi, or movie. All information is shown on the Facebook news feed. Now the system has been changed and today it provides you a full payment system with all the social media capabilities. This is why Python is the preferred choice for Venmo application development. 

Here are some of the technical features of Venmo based on the Python language:

  • Python Django framework Python was used to create Venmo payment service.
  • If you are a banking app developer and always an active GitHub user, you can find many Python frameworks and libraries in the Venmo repository.
  • The banking app developers must note that they use Python language because it follows the agile methodology and is very fast, and it is the most appropriate technology for the development of different banking and financial and mathematical software solutions.


Why Python popular among top fintech companies? The answer is very simple, Python boasts features like simple coding, better scalability, and a powerful list of frameworks. Stockspot is one of the popular names in the fintech industry operating from Australia.

They have used Python and Django, ReactJS for their back-end and front-end development. The company provides its customers with wealth management service and help them get there with the right portfolio and guidance.

Here are some of the technical features of Stockspot based on the Python language:

  • Python ReactJS and Django frameworks were used to create StockSpot investment portfolio.
  • The app developers aimed to create a useful and engaging app for its users to simplify the issues related to the investment portfolio.
  • The app was designed to give clients a quick snapshot of how their portfolio is performing and show what investments are coming up next. Built on React Native and Python, StockSpot is the most popular fintech application that follows the rule of agile methodology and is very fast.


Robinhood is another useful app built on Python that allows the user to trade stock without charging any fees. You can use this app to buy or sell  Etherneum or Bitcoin right from your smartphone.

Robinhood application development team has used some of the very useful Python packages such as Selenium, Numpy, Sklearn, and iexfinance. But the question is, why Python is one of the preferred languages for app development in the banking and finance industry? Here’s your answer:

Here are some of the technical features of Robinhood based on the Python language:

Python and Django were used during the development process of the Robinhood commission-free stock trading app.

At the time of designing developers aimed to create a useful application for its users to help them manage their investment portfolio and payments all at free of cost. The app was designed to give you a full insight into your investment portfolio using candlestick charts, indicators, options investing, and more.


So, that’s all! And, this is why Python seems like an ideal technology for building financial and banking apps. Python language offers a lot of advantages like clear programming syntax, greater development strategies, and is also very user-friendly, which is why many banking app developers like it.

In addition, this is why Python language can also boost the availability of many frameworks and libraries which can enhance the development process of any banking and financial service. As a result, you get a high-quality product of what you dream of.

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