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According to a recent study, the IT staff augmentation market generated a revenue of $9.2 billion in 2019, $132.9 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $170.0 billion in 2021.

Urgent need for skilled developers for project fulfillment and budget constraints are some reasons behind the growth of the IT staff augmentation market. IT Staff augmentation is basically nothing but hiring developers from IT staff augmentation companies of the same or different country at affordable prices for a long-term or specific project.

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Importance of IT Staff Augmentation Services:

Here is the Infographic showing “Why your business needs IT Staff Augmentation Services?”

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Why companies should consult IT Staff Augmentation services?

Following is the list of benefits of IT staff augmentation services- 

  • Focus on core business 
  • Cost-cutting
  • Improves service quality 
  • Solves capacity issues 
  • Critical business requirements 

What are the types of IT staff augmentation services? 

Following is the list of types of IT staff augmentation services- 

  • Direct independent relationships 
  • On-demand talent platforms
  • Staffing and consulting firms 
  • Traditional staffing providers 

What is the IT staff augmentation process? 

Following is the list of IT staff augmentation process- 

  • Identifying business requirements 
  • Choosing suitable dedicated developers 
  • Augmenting in-house team with the outsourcing team 
  • Ensures monthly engagement
  • Re-scaling based on future needs

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How to find the best-in-class IT staff augmentation companies in India? 

There are thousands of IT staff augmentation companies in India that are willing to offer best-in-class Staff Augmentation Services to start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs. 

ValueCoders is a top-notch IT staff augmentation company in India that has 16+years of experience in delivering high-performing, scalable, and intuitive services to start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

The company has delivered more than 4200 projects to over 2500 customers with a 97.0% client retention rate in 40+ countries, across the globe. 

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Thus, we have tried to cover the major aspects of IT staff augmentation benefits, growths, and the difference between IT staff augmentation and managed capacity.

Hope you got it, if not please feel free to contact ValueCoders now!

Why Your Business needs IT Staff Augmentation Services? [Infographic]

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