Top Blockchain Development Companies to Improve Your Business Efficiency

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The global blockchain market is predicted to surge from $3.0 billion in 2020 to $39.7 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 67.3% during the 2020-2025 period. Whenever we hear the word “Blockchain”, we start thinking about it as an ingenious innovation and one of the best & safest technologies till now. 

Blockchain is a system of keeping records & details in a way that it becomes very difficult or we would say difficult to hack, change, or cheat. Blockchain is mainly a digital ledger of transactions that are distributed and duplicated across the network of computer systems on the blockchain. 

Blockchain technology has so far benefitted many companies in improving their customer engagement, user experience, return on investment, and also increasing customer turnaround times. 

But to avail these benefits of blockchain development, you need to hire the top blockchain development company. We know, it’s quite tough as there are so many companies available on the internet, and finding the right one is like finding a needle from the stack of straw. 

So, to help you find a top blockchain development company, we are going to list the best-in-class blockchain development companies based on some crucial parameters which are as follows. 

Parameters to shortlist the Top Blockchain Development Company 

  • Years of Experience 
  • Project Delivered 
  • Clients Served 
  • Number of Employees
  • Countries Served
  • Price Per Hour 
  • Clutch/Good Firms Rating

Let’s start!

List of the Top Blockchain Technology Companies:



ValueCoders is a leading and top blockchain development company in India, offering technology-driven solutions to various industry verticals, including travel & tourism, healthcare, and banking and finance. The company has helped enterprises, agencies, product companies by deploying blockchain technology in their businesses to infuse transparency, security, and productivity. 

The company has a track record of creating high-quality, robust, and scalable decentralized software apps suitable to the business structure and economy of customers. As a result-oriented blockchain development company, it provides various services, including Mining software programs, Smart Contracts, ICO, and Crypto Wallets. 

Projects Delivered- 4200+

Years of Experience- 16+

Customer Served- 2500+

Number of Countries Served- 40+

Number of employees-  450+ 

Clutch/GoodFirms Rating- 5/5

Price Per Hour-  $15

Being one of the best-in-class blockchain technology companies in this highly competitive market, the company has built top-notch projects, such as Titanium Thread Hyper Ledger and Lipchain Blockchain Solution. 

blockchain app development

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PixelCrayon is one of the top-notch blockchain technology companies that has marked a niche by offering technology-driven solutions on hyperledger, Smart Contracts, and ethereum. The company deploys the technology in a way to improve data security, reduce data storage costs, and eliminate duplication of data.

PixelCrayons has 15+ years of experience in delivering services, including trading desks, digital asset transfers, and marketplaces, and digital identity to enterprises, agencies, and various production companies.

Years of Experience – 15+

Project Delivered – 13800+

Clients Served – 6800++

Number of Employees – 500’+ 

Price Per Hour – $20

Clutch/Good Firms Rating – 4.9/5

The company is awarded by NASSCOM, Deloitte, ISO, and Indian e retail as one of the emerging blockchain software companies. Shop with Us, Anomalies detection system, and Abazeer are some of the best case studies of the company.

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SoluLab is a top-notch blockchain development company in India that offers result-oriented and technology-driven solutions to thousands of people across the globe. The company has a track record of offering solutions deploying unmatched innovation. 

The company has years of expertise in understanding the pain points, business objectives, and priorities. After the deep brainstorming sessions, it helps enterprises and other businesses to map out the current workflows and future business objectives. 

Years of Experience – 6+

Project Delivered – 1500+

Clients Served – 500+

Countries Served-  4+

Number of Employees – 150+

Price Per Hour – $25/hr

Clutch/Good Firms Rating- 4.9/5.0

The company has a vision of transforming the ideas into solutions and bringing them into reality. It has built top-notch blockchain development projects, such as Versafit, Plotos, and Aladin-Blockchain

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Hyperlink Infosystem


Hyperlink Infosystem is an emerging top blockchain company in India who works efficiently to deliver advanced and real-time solutions to the clients across the globe. From cost-efficient blockchain solutions to custom-tailored services, the company enhances your business. 

The company has nine years of experience designing and building blockchain integrated enterprise solutions for the business market. It offers in-house services during each step of the blockchain development process. 

Years of Experience – 9+

Project Delivered – 3000+

Clients Served – 2200+

Number of Employees- 300+

Countries Served- 10+

Price Per Hour – $50- $99

Clutch/Good Firms Rating – 4.9/5

Serey, Kraven, Melpot, Zina, and Booth app are some of the top-notch projects the company has worked on so far. The company has been in the market for quite a long time and gaining a lot of popularity due to its commitment towards offering result-driven solutions to enterprises, agencies, and other product companies.

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Yudiz Solutions


Yudiz Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the top blockchain development companies that have a pool of talented resources in its team. The company offers result-oriented solutions by combining blockchain technology with improved encryption features in business operations. 

The company believes in custom development modules for personal information, Smart Contracts, enterprise data, and health records. The company has experienced and qualified blockchain developers who contribute to building highly advanced and technology-driven solutions. 

Years of Experience – 9+

Project Delivered – 100+

Clients Served – 500+

Number of Employees- 50-249

Countries Served- 10+

Price Per Hour – $25/hr

Clutch/Good Firms Rating – 4.8/5

The company has built hundreds of projects including, 8 ball world challenge, Tiyuu, Kabaddi, and Kapcha. The renowned company is recognized as a pioneer in the market and also appreciated for their unparalleled achievements by big organizations. 

Blockchain App Factory


Blockchain app factory offers innovative solutions to thousands of clients across the globe. It has years of experience in providing customized blockchain solutions covering all the major industries. The company offers various advanced solutions, including Smart Contracts, ICO, and Hyperledger to enterprises and product companies. 

It has been recognized as one of the top blockchain software companies in India that offers solutions for banks and financial, insurance, government, logistics, and retail industries

Years of Experience – 4+

Project Delivered – 60+

Clients Served – 50+

Number of Employees- 50-249

Countries Served- 10+

Price Per Hour – $25- $49/hr

The company has worked with big brands, such as  McDonald’s, Dash, DasCoin, New Zone, and Ether Gold. This blockchain technology company has expertise in technology, including Multichain, Corda, Ethereum, Stellar, and Open chain. 

Agile InfowaYs Pvt Ltd


Agile Infoways is one of the top blockchain development companies in India that works round-the-clock to serve its clients across the globe. The company offers solutions that are personalized according to the client’s or customer’s requirements. The company has an 82 % client retention rate. 

It has a global presence with a team of 200+ resources who works round-the-clock to provide you with personalized solutions and on-demand technical support. The company believes in stepping into the client’s shoes for creating interactive, robust, and scalable solutions. 

Agile Infoways assures to bring uniqueness in the business solutions and deliver splendid work. The company is recognized by NASSCOM, Microsoft Partner, and ISO as an emerging blockchain software company. 

Years of Experience – 7+

Project Delivered – 2200+

Clients Served – 750+

Number of Employees- 249+

Countries Served- 10+

Price Per Hour – $25/hr

Clutch Rating- 4.9/5

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So, the above-mentioned list is an exclusive list of top blockchain technology companies in India. But, do we really need to hire a top blockchain development company or can we do it on our own? 

Well, the following is the list of benefits that depicts why we should hire the top blockchain development company in India. 

If you want to build a top-notch blockchain software you need to hire a blockchain development company. 

Benefits of Hiring The Top Blockchain Development Company 

Blockchain has been considered as a game-changing technology that offers incredible benefits to the businesses. Mobile apps integrated with blockchain technology are powered with high tech security that offers users immense freedom and data safety from authoritative control. 

blockchain app development

  • Increased tractability 
  • Impeccable transparency  
  • Advanced security 
  • Better efficiency and speed
  • Eliminates counterpart risks 
  • More credibility
  • Speed of transactions 

Besides, the above-said benefits of blockchain, the removal of the third party are also one of the major benefits of the blockchain development company. 


Thus, we have tried to shortlist the top blockchain development companies in India who have years of experience in providing the blockchain development services across the globe. If you are looking to hire a blockchain development company then you can go for any company which we have mentioned above.


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  1. Amazing list down of the top blockchain development companies. I find this blog well-researched and deeply analyzed. It’s very important to choose the right company for your business.

  2. I can definitely vouch for ValueCoders as one of the leading blockchain development companies. Their blockchain developers really helped me a lot during my blockchain app project.

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