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As an Azure Development Company, we harness years of expertise and experience in developing, deploying and managing Windows Azure solutions. We’ll help in the design and deployment of wide-ranging cloud services based on your business requirements as well as integrate web & mobile apps using Microsoft / Windows Azure services.

  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Experienced Cloud Team
  • Result-Driven Approach
  • Quality & Security Adherence
17+ Years Experience 500+ Full Time Developers 2000+ Man Years Exp 2500+ Satisfied Customers

Judith Mueller

Executive Director, Mueller Health Foundation


What do we do?

Our deployment solution supports Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) respectively. Our Team is experts in the latest DevOps tools— Azure Lighthouse, Jenkins, Application insight, Ansible, Terraform, etc. We have tenacious experience in serverless deployments (Azure functions,, Azure datafactory) with container registries (Docker & Kubernetes).Our experts can do seamless integration with blog, Rabbitmq, Synapse.

Our Azure Development Services

Transform your business with our Azure application development services for your ever-evolving business needs.

Our Azure Cloud Computing Technology Stack

As an Azure development company, we excel in different platforms to serve varied business needs.

Supported Environment + Containerization

  • Azure VM
  • Azure Lighthouse
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AKS

Generic Tools

  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Application Insight
  • Puppet
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Web Jobs

Serverless Deployments + Network & Security

  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Web Jobs
  • Vnet
  • VPN
  • SubNet
  • Azure AD

Performance Management

  • Load Balancer (NLB)
  • blob
  • CDN
  • Azure domain Service
  • Azure push notications


  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure SQL
  • SQL , MySql
  • Postgres

Data Analytics + Caching

  • Azure data lake
  • Azure Data factory
  • Azure ETL
  • Redis
  • Web APP
  • Azure Cache

Benefits Of Azure

  • Reliability and Scalability

    By configuring NLB, AKS and APP engine, we make the environment more reliable and scalable. Our Devops engineers manges Higher availability zones for removing latency from system failures if any.
  • Agility in Software Development

    Our Software developers are experts to achieve agility through DevOps with real-time feedback from users, thereby improving their skills for delivering improved code with lower turnaround time.
  • Flexibility

    Virtual machine images, VHD, enable you to spin-up clones in multiple regions for different environments within a few minutes, eliminating the need to repeat the set-up steps every time.

  • Automation of Continuous integration and continuous deployment

    Our automation practices of CI and CD not only delivers improvements in efficiency, quality, and continuity of releases but also provide simplicity in development and deployment processes. In addition, the automation of quality assurance (QA) and embedding it in the processes ensures code quality.

  • Azure Board

    We manage your project release and project task management using Azure board. We can directly create the release pipe pile, deployment, and rollback policies from the Azure board. Azure artifacts play a major role in our CI/CD practices.
  • Pay Per Use

    Think of infinite space for your backup & archival needs, ability to launch new servers, up-scale/downscale a server, CDN integration, transcoding media files, unlimited bandwidth and many more highly scalable services/features available to you while you pay based on your actual usage only.

We Have Worked With Some Amazing
Companies Around The World

Being the best Microsoft Azure Development Services Company, our experts always endeavor to match clients' needs and requirements; this is why today we succeeded in adding good names to our client's list; some of them are:

North America

Asia Pacific Region


Middle East & Africa


James Kelly, Co-founder, Miracle Choice

Kris Bruynson, Director, Storloft

Judith Mueller, Executive Director, Mueller Health Foundation

Mohammed Mirza, Director, LOCALMASTERCHEFS LTD

Mr.Savarni, Founder-

Jame Thompson,

Why ValueCoders For Microsoft Azure Development Services?

When you choose to work with a Windows Azure development company like us, you will get a highly efficient team with a host of business benefits.

  • 60% Cost Saving
  • 100% Real Reviews
  • No Freelancers
  • Highly Creative &
    Motivated Teams
  • We Understand
    Business Needs
  • Quality & Security
  • Your Ideas Are
    Safe With Us
  • First Time
    Right Process
  • Innovation
    Is Guaranteed
  • Result-Driven
  • Co-Development
  • DevOps
  • In-Depth Domain
  • Non-Disclosure
  • Integrity &
  • 4,200+


  • 17+


  • 2,500+


  • 97%+


Ready To Get Started?

No matter where you are in the planning process of your Azure cloud project, our experts are happy to help you. Our expert consultants discuss your plans & challenges, evaluate your existing cloud solutions, or even make some initial recommendations.

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  • Compute

    App Service, Application Insights, Visual Studio App Centre, Virtual Machines

  • Storage

    SQL Data Warehouse, Data Lake Store, Service Bus, StoreSimple

  • Networking

    ExpressRoute, Virtual Network, VPN Gateway

  • Database

    SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Data Factory

  • Management Tools

    Batch, Traffic Manager, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Azure Monitor

  • Identity & Security

    Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory B2C, Key Vault

  • DevOps

    Cloud DevOps, Azure Automation

Our Azure Cloud Computing Technology Stack

As a Microsoft Azure partner company, we excel in different platforms to serve varied business needs.

Consumer Mobile

Our Azure Developers Expertise

ValueCoders Azure cloud team specialists can put the power of your data in your hands. Services that help applications run smoothly

Azure Boards

In-house technical experts to help find solutions to all your technical problems in a whole array of technologies.

Azure Repos

Implement what makes sense for your business to get the best value in your budget.

Azure Pipelines

Advanced tools for communication & project management to ensure maximum visibility at all times.

Azure Test Plans

Best in class processes to ensure maximum efficiency & quality at every step.

Azure Artifacts

In-house technical experts to help find solutions to all your technical problems in a whole array of technologies.

Extentions Integration

Implement what makes sense for your business to get the best value in your budget.

Develop & Deploy

Advanced tools for communication & project management to ensure maximum visibility at all times.

Application Insight

Best in class processes to ensure maximum efficiency & quality at every step.

Reasons to choose Azure for your Enterprise

Azure DevOps Services

Key Features of Azure supported by our architect and developers

Azure DevOps services as ideal choices for building, testing, and deploying with CI/CD. Also, it ensures access to unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repos Azure DevOps services help in leveraging proven agile tools for planning, tracking, and discussion of work among different teams.and collaboration for building better code with advanced file management and pull requests.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are another addition among core Azure services in the Compute category. This service helps in creating Linux and Windows virtual machines (VMs) in a matter of seconds. You can get Burstable VMs, Compute-optimized VMs, Memory-optimized VMs, and general-purpose VMs with Microsoft Azure

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB offers a globally distributed, fully managed database service. Cosmos DB restricts read and writes latencies to single-digit milliseconds alongside ensuring 99.999 percent availability. Cosmos DB is also a multi-model with wire protocol-compatible API endpoints.

Azure Active Directory (AD)

This is the next addition among the most popular Azure cloud computing services. It serves as a universal identity platform for the management and security of identities. The facility of single sign-on can help users gain simpler access to their apps from any location. Most important of all, a single identity platform supports better and secure engagement with internal and external users.

API Management

API Management is also one of the best Azure services you can find presently. It helps in publishing, managing, analyzing, and security of APIs in a few minutes. You can create sophisticated and consistent API gateways for existing back-end services quickly, irrespective of the hosting location. On the other hand, you can select a serverless consumption-based usage model for automated scaling, in-built high availability, and instant provisioning

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps are one of the best Azure services which are gaining recognition gradually for their applications in building powerful integration solutions. It can help in connecting data, apps, and devices anywhere. Furthermore, the B2B capabilities of Logic Apps help in easier working with trading partners through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards.

Azure Backup

Azure backup service is also one of the top Azure services, which are popular among enterprises. An azure backup is an ideal tool for simplifying data protection from human errors and ransomware. The use of a VSS snapshot for Windows and fsfreeze for Linux can help in restoring data with application consistency intact. The Azure central backup management portal can support the effective management of resources and act

Azure Bot’s service

Azure Bot’s service could help in improving customer experience by capitalizing on the automation abilities of bots. The bot framework does not impose any pressure on developers as it provides everything needed to build and connect bots. As a result, bots could ensure interactions with users on a wide range of platforms. Since bots are highly efficient instruments for providing customer support along with savings of time and money, they are a crucial addition in this list.

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) integrates effectively with other services of Azure such as Web Apps, Storage, and Cloud Services. The capacity of Azure CDN to manage unprecedented spikes in traffic or load is also a favorable feature. Azure CDN is developer-friendly and also comes with promising security features on the content distribution network. Azure CDN also provides the benefit of advanced analytics.

Azure App Services

Azure Application Service is a fully managed web hosting service for building web apps, mobile apps back ends, and RESTful APIs.

App Services (often used instead of application management services or application services management) are a pool of services such as load balancing, application performance monitoring, application acceleration, autoscaling, micro‑segmentation, service proxy and service discovery.

We can develop and optimally deploy web apps, mobile apps, logic apps, API apps, function apps. Azure App Service is a fully managed "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) that integrates Microsoft Azure websites, mobile services, and BizTalk services into a single service, adding new capabilities that enable integration with on-premises or cloud systems.

Azure Lighthouse

Azure Lighthouse

Azure Lighthouse enables cross- and multi-tenant management, allowing for higher automation, scalability, and enhanced governance across resources and tenants.

With Azure Lighthouse, service providers can deliver managed services using comprehensive and robust management tooling built into the Azure platform. Customers maintain control over who can access their tenant, which resources they can access, and what actions can be taken.


Azure delegated resource management

  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Identity

Control Plane

Cross- tenant experience integrated intoAzure and third-party services

  • Existing Azure services
  • Storage
  • Compute
  • Networking

Options & New Scenarios

Azure Resource Manager templates, APIs and Azure Marketplace

  • Marketplace offers (new)
  • Azure Resource Manager templates
  • APIs
  • Managed apps

Choose The Microsoft Azure Model That Suits Your Requirements

Take advantage of our cloud application development services to improve the security of your solution, speed time to market, and deliver exceptional customer value.

Ready To Go In-Built Solutions With Microsoft Azure

Now you can solve all your business problems with our ready to go Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

Choose From A Variety Of Hiring Models

We're the best Azure cloud development company around the world. We ensure that your business can hire Azure experts in any way you wish to get them, so here, view the hiring models from which you can choose the suitable one:

Hourly Basis

If you are looking to hire Custom Software developers for your projects on an hourly basis, this might be the perfect solution. You only pay for the hours that they work on developing your software and not any more than that! The low pricing combined with high developer availability creates scalability so that software and products can be delivered within budget at all times.

Fixed Price

We know that not everyone has a similar budget, so if you are looking for an affordable software development service to make your leading software without spending too much money on it, then we've got just what you need. We offer all services related to designing, developing, testing & maintenance within your overall fixed budget.

Dedicated Hiring

We are here to make your time and money as efficiently as possible. You only pay for the services you need, and we assign an expert team that works just on your project! When it comes to getting software developed in a quick period of time, outsourcing is always best because there's no better way to save both of them than by using our experts who will work exclusively on projects like yours so all aspects can be taken care of at once without any worries or delays which saves everyone precious hours.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Development Services

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing service, which enables you to store your data on their servers. This means that instead of having to buy and maintain your own hardware, you can just rent the space from them. Moreover, there are numerous benefits of using Azure cloud computing some of them are:

Improve your organization’s process efficiency and ROI by getting Microsoft Azure development services. By creating a Microsoft Azure enabled solution, you can get higher data analytics & monitoring capability to your system. The automated solution helps you manage day-to-day data, storage, and processing needs. Using Microsoft Azure solution, your team can quickly scale existing capacity by updating plans for implementing new features. Data recovery from Azure solution is fast and seamless from both offsite storage and virtual machine. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure development implements top-notch security to the system environment. Virtual testing can be used to identify worst-case scenarios, and you can run dev-test companies to reduce workload hassles.

If these are the benefits that you are looking for, then it might be time to build your cloud application using Microsoft Azure.

Build Your Azure Development Team

Why Should You Outsource Microsoft Azure Development Service From Us?

We are India's leading Microsoft Azure Development Company. Our Azure experts can work as per the best practices and methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions within the stipulated time frame.

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FAQs Related To Azure Cloud Development

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

How to find the best-in-class Azure cloud development company in India?

If you want to hire the best Azure cloud development company in India, then you should choose a software company with:

1) At least 5-10 years of industry experience
2) Have build at least 100+ apps
3) A team of more than 20+ cloud experts
4) Clients in more than ten countries
5) Transparent selection process

ValueCoders is one such Azure cloud development company in Indian with 17+ years of experience. We have delivered more than 4200 projects to 2500+ global clients. Our team strength is 450+, and we have served clients in more than 40 countries.

Moreover, we have a client retention rate of 97% and excel in most of the open-source technologies. When it comes to the selection process and project on-boarding, we allow you to take as many interviews as you want and also offer you flexible engagement models such as hourly, full-time, and part-time

Hence, if you are planning to hire the best Azure cloud development company in India, then look no further and contact us.

What is Microsoft Azure and why is it used?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based technology that provides a variety of cloud-related services such as analytics, storage, and networking. Microsoft Azure is best used for providing simple and reliable data storage on a huge scale. It has the ability to scale up the storage requirements on demand.

What is the difference between Azure and AWS?

Microsoft Azure is more open to Hybrid Cloud Solutions whereas AWS is less open to private or third-party cloud providers. AWS follows pay as you go as they charge per hour as compared to Azure, as they charge per minute which provides a more exact pricing model than AWS.

What is the difference between Azure SQL and SQL server Databases?

SQL SERVER is a traditional database server under the software licensing model, while the other one is under the service-model cloud database running in the data center of 21Vianet, and is available as a pay-as-you-go model or a commitment rate model. You can easily choose the platform and business model that best suits your technological requirements between these two products.

How can we apply security on Azure storages?

- Secure the storage account by using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Azure Active Directory.
- Secure data in transit between an application and Azure by using client-side encryption, HTTPS, or SMB 3.0.
- Set data to be automatically encrypted when it's written to Azure Storage by using Storage Service Encryption.
- Set OS and data disks used by virtual machines (VMs) to be encrypted by using Azure Disk Encryption.
- Grant delegated access to the data objects in Azure Storage by using shared access signatures (SASs).

What is the difference between Azure App Service and Azure functions?

Azure App Service as "Build, deploy, and scale web apps on a fully managed platform". Quickly build, deploy, and scale web apps created with popular frameworks . ... On the other hand, Azure Functions is detailed as "Listen and react to events across your stack".

What is the difference between Azure App Service and Azure functions?

Azure App Service as "Build, deploy, and scale web apps on a fully managed platform". Quickly build, deploy, and scale web apps created with popular frameworks. On the other hand, Azure Functions is detailed as "Listen and react to events across your stack".

How can we choose the implementation of Azure function and logic apps?

We generally recommend using Azure Logic Apps to manage the overall scheduling and orchestration of tasks and workflows and to extend these with point solutions based on Azure Functions for more complex business and/or data transformation logic.

What are the services available in Azure cloud?

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services such as software as a service(SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Microsoft Azure is an ideal choice for cloud-based platform applications.

What’s your pricing model?

Dedicated Hiring
Hourly Basis
are some of our flexible hiring models.

Can you sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for my project?

Yes, we do, we are fully committed to meeting clients' operational requirements. We believe in delivering results, and if that is required to keep confidential, we are glad to sign the NDA.

Why should I hire a dedicated Microsoft Azure development team?

There are multiple benefits of hiring dedicated and skilled Azure developers:
An opportunity to work with dedicated and skilled Azure developers
Total control over the development process
Hiring a dedicated Microsoft Azure Development team guarantees a Quality Assurance and risk minimization
You will be provided with a dedicated Scrum Master (Project Manager) to manage your project and team, without any additional charges.
And at last, but not least is the fact that developers work as a part of your team

What are the services offered in your Microsoft Azure development service stack?

The services that we cater under our Microsoft Azure development service Stack are:
Microsoft Azure Managed Services
Microsoft Azure Storage & Analytics
Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation
Integrated Solutions
Application Development
Migration Solutions

What would be the estimated Azure development cost for my project?

The estimated development cost depends on a variety of factors, we would advise you to get in touch with our Azure experts for more detailed and precise cost estimation of the project.

Why you should outsource Microsoft Azure development services from us?

There is a multitude of benefits when you outsource your Microsoft Azure development service from us:
Client-Centric Approach
Proven Expertise
Hybrid IT Environment
Dedicated Team
Reliable Support

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Azure?

The benefits of using Microsoft Azure are:
App Management
Analytics Support

Awards, Accolades, and Recognitions We Received
Over The Years

Ramanshu Mahaur

Founder & CTO @Spinny

We have been working with ValueCoders for the last 1 year now and have deployed multiple developers at different points in time. We are really happy with the support we get from ValueCoders and the resources they provide.

Adam Watts

President & COO, Fintex Advisors

We have worked with ValueCoders for more than a year, and their skilled team has allowed us to scale up during certain projects thereby allowing our full time team to focus on core platform functionality. Recommended.

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