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Why should you opt for Application Maintenance services?

application maintenanceIn today’s digital era, your business is completely dependent on Web and Mobile applications.  Therefore, application maintenance appears to be a primary concern to get things going. Now, you must be thinking why should you do that? well, let’s dive deep then.

Think about the following issues:

  1. Who takes care of your website, software and apps when they crash?
  2. Who resolves the issue when they catch a bug?
  3. Do you update your website, software or apps at the right time?
  4. What will you do when your Website gets hacked?

Most of the people outsource a good IT company to develop their applications, post blogs on a regular basis and stop worrying about everything else. That’s it, right? No! certainly not. Some extra care is needed. A Deloitte report says that 60% of the outsourcers prefer to hire Application maintenance & support.

Application maintenance

So, what is Application Maintenance?

A common conception is there that Software Application Maintenance is all about fixing bugs. However, it’s much bigger than that. It takes care of the visual branding of your website. It manages  Web/Android/iOS updates that your mobile app needs.

Sometimes, maintenance means modifying a software system or application, work on software performances, monitoring lifetime as well as optimize up-time & downtime.

Importance of Application Maintenance:

Let’s take an example of your house. After buying or building it, do you just forget about it? Or think about budgeting your time and money for ongoing utilities,  repairs and renovations? Undoubtedly, the second one.

The same concept is applicable for your applications. Every project of yours is going to require at least some amount of  ongoing maintenance. However, maintenance is not only about maintaining, it’s also about improving and evolving gradually.

Application maintenanceIn technology, you are either enhancing yourself or you’re falling back. Here, you can’t just stand still. User needs are changing everyday and if you  don’t have a regular maintenance strategy in place, you’re lagging behind. Hence, Application Maintenance is important. Really important!

Benefits of Application Maintenance:

Now that you know Application Maintenance is important, you need to know what are the benefits too. Here are few of them-

Scalibility and Security:

Regular maintenance makes sure  your application is secure from all external threats. At the same time, your applications become much more scalable. It enables to accommodate larger workloads while keeping consistent and acceptable levels of performance.

Cost saving:

application maintenanceIt is not a cost saving plan if you buy new software or develop from the scratch whenever it crashes or catches bugs. It is way better to maintain the same on a regular basis to enhance the lifetime and reduce future costs.

Customer Satisfaction:

Application maintenance improves the quality, web presence and response time of your apps and websites. This does not only help to evolve with time but also fulfills customer requirements better. As a result, the satisfaction level also improves.

Peace of Mind:

Once you know your mobile software applications are in safe hands and you do not need to do anything extra for upcoming few years, peace of mind automatically comes. Hence, you can focus on other attributes of your business.

Wrapping it up:

No legacy can go forever, it’s important to know when to update or upgrade. That’s why Application Maintenance is necessary and you need a professional to do that.

ValueCoders, is one of the leading agile application maintenance companies in India.  We have 11 years of experience and confidence in making the right decision for you. Some of the unique benefits of hiring us are:

  1. Zero billing guarantee
  2. Pro-level Teams
  3. Guaranteed SLAs
  4. Flexible Hiring Models


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