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How To Kickstart Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development can be a very confusing and complicated process. If the development process is planned effectively, one can make sure the process becomes a highly simplified one.

Once the design and development team clearly understand what all has to be done the overall process becomes extremely smooth. Once everything is organized properly one can expect the best results out of the application’s user interface and its navigation.

One can then also manage the database structure and the marketing of the application more effectively.

Here are some key steps to Kickstarting the mobile app development process more effectively:

Understanding The Target Market

One of the key essentials of developing a mobile application is to understand the target audience you are developing the application for.

Creating a buyer persona is helpful in developing the user journey and the feature list more effectively.  The whole strategy of building the app comes from the target audience.

Understanding the brief

The biggest hurdle in understanding an application development brief is to simplify the different pieces of information and make it more usable.

The key steps in understanding an app development brief include:

  1. Defining the features of the application
  2. Understanding the business logic
  3. Defining the user journey

Once the larger picture is clear one can break these parameters into actionable steps.

The biggest danger in this situation is to miss out on any information.  Different tools are used to create a system diagram or a wire-frame for the application.

Deciding On Keeping The App Free or Paid

An understanding of the target audience will help you know whether you need to keep a price for downloading the application.  

Since there are many free apps out there, keeping your application free to download, induces free trials.  Many companies provide app downloads for free but earn from in-app purchases.

One can decide on keeping an app free or paid based on the business vertical and the type of application.

Summarizing the Application

The application idea must be summarized in the next step so that benefits of the app are clearly indicated.

Understanding the uses of the application to its target audience is important in this case. The summary defines how the app would work and be used by the audience.  

This step requires understanding the current trends in applications and a knowledge of app stores as well.

Type of Development and Platform

While developing a mobile application it is important to decide whether to develop for Android or iOS or both. One also has to choose between native and cross platform development.  

Native apps are useful in accessing the device features such as camera and GPS.


Once the basic details of the application are ready, the whole team of designers, developers and client have a brainstorming session. 

Discussing the wireframe of the application at this stage helps in understanding different viewpoints on it.

Comments and questions can flow in and this process helps in improving the overall plan of action. Online tools can be used to document the feedback and inputs from the meeting.

Problem Resolution

At this stage, it is important to forecast any sort of problems in the process of mobile application development.  Understanding the problem areas will help in resolving them while planning the development process.

This will make the actual process of development far more efficient and cost effective.

The next step is to create accurate estimates of tasks. This would be helpful for the whole team as well as the client.

Proper planning can really help in faster kickstart and faster mobile application development. At the same time, it helps in delivering the application according to client expectations.

Besides that, careful planning helps in adding the right set of features and building a competitive app.

Hiring a web and mobile development company like ValueCoders helps in systematic mobile application development.

Our teams have deep knowledge of mobile application technologies and development trends.

We carefully understand the client brief and plan out the development process for the best possible results.  Some of the advantages of hiring Agile software teams from ValueCoders include.

  1. Flexible hiring models
  2. Quick On-boarding
  3. On fixed costs
  4. Guaranteed SLAs


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