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5 Valuable Tips for Publishers to Gain Profits in the Android Market

Apart from being the biggest rivals, Apple App store and Android Market are two of the biggest app stores that are dominating the app world in today’s time. Out of all the existing mobile platforms present today, Apple and Android are the two platforms that are well-known for rich user-experience and flexibility. Moreover, they are constantly adding up more to their abundance of apps. This post focuses on providing publishers with the tips to gain profits out of app marketing in the Android Market.

We all are well aware about the fact that Android is a rich and diverse platform that ranges over several mobile devices and OS versions. Henceforth, your app marketing strategy should be so charismatic and appealing to the customers that they always remain engaged with the app 24×7.

Below mentioned are 5 valuable tips for Android app publishers:

  • Search for your target device/platform

    Normally advertisers do not plan to target Android’s whole range of mobile devices as it would be too expensive and burdensome at the same time. However, Google, instead of choosing all platforms at one go, allows the mobile advertisers to target to any particular OS they prefer. Hence, the Android app marketer enjoys the benefit of being able to choose the mobile devices and platforms that he wants to target and then finally proceed further with the app marketing strategy.

  • Make sure that the ad of the app loads fast

    One thing that you should not forget to focus on while promoting your app is to make sure that the ad does not take much time to load. You need to make sure that the loading time does not exceed 5 seconds otherwise out of sheer boredom your customers might switch over to another site. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that your mobile audience is quite vacillating and demanding at the same time, hence you need to put your best and do everything that you can to catch hold of their attention.

  • Make users interact with you

    You need to make the ad of your app in such a way that it initiates a communication between you and the audience. It should help your audiences to interact with you so that it keeps them engaged and creates an interest in them to visit and check out your app. Providing them with some options can generate positive results in this case. It should be like every click would lead them to the same place – the app. And all these options should consist of at least one essential function of your app which would give the audience an idea and feel of what your app is all about.

  • Offer some reward to the viewers

    Rewards always act as baits to influence the viewers. By offering rewards as discounts, free apps, coupons, etc. you can engage the viewers very easily. This will not only impress them, but will also encourage them to come back to you again and again. Plus, do not forget to highlight such offers as they tempt the viewers to know more about them.

  • Put different languages

    As we all know, Android devices are available in almost every part of the world and it would indirectly benefit you, only if you advertise in different languages rather than sticking to just one language – English. This would enable you to reach to a higher extent i.e. the international audiences. This strategy would obviously require a bit of planning of what all languages to include and about the translation process for the same as well.

These above mentioned tips will definitely lead a publisher to the success phase in Android app marketing.

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