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How to Build a Mobile App

If it becomes difficult even to pass a day without a proper plan of action, imagine having to develop a business mobile application without the same. Just as your day would go haywire, your application development would see the same fate. To avoid such an unpleasant situation it is always better to start building your dream app with a proper plan.

To build a solid mobile app, apart from planning there are a few other things that need to be considered.

7 Steps to Build a Solid Mobile App

1.Start With the Next Big Idea: The mobile app world is a fiercely competitive market and without a good plan it is almost impossible to make a mark here. Thus if you are dreaming of making a great app, you will have to have a great idea too. It always works better if you passionately get involved with the plan. Thus it is important that you have a personal liking for the idea. Start by doodling and penning your thoughts in a piece of paper – the messier it is the more clear your mind should become. While ideating, remember that you need a ‘hook’ to your plan that should draw more users to your app.

2.UI Planning: Once the plan is ready, you need to know which technology you would be using to build the app. Before finalizing the technology, you will have to decide on the look of the app. You can also make a quick list of the effects you want to include in the app. Once you know how the back-end and the front-end would look like, you would be able to develop the app faster.

3.Decide on the Design Architecture: You need not be a web developer or a programmer to build your app. If you have a fair knowledge of how apps are developed and know of a few easy tools, you can get started easily. Otherwise, you can always hire a mobile application developer for the purpose. Here is a check list of the things you would need to know before you start developing the app:

  • Programming Language: PHP is the preferred language today.
  • Frameworks: Decide on the scaffolding codes to build the boilerplate of the different parts of the app. ‘Ruby on Rails’ is one of the preferred web development frameworks for app development.
  • Libraries: You can use pre-built codes or built a library from scratch. You can use Prototype, a JavaScript library.
  • Architectural Style: Consider the API structure and decide on the integration of the different parts of the app.

4.Actual Coding Process: Ideally you shouldn’t start with everything when you start coding. The point is that you should divide your work in such a manner that more than one person can be involved in the development process. This development phase can also be called ‘separation of concerns’. Here the functions are sub-divided in such a manner that there is no over-lapping of work and the development can be completed faster.

5.Start With Separate HTML and CSS Files: Though it should not really be mentioned as a separate point, it is often important to stress on the importance of having separate HTML and CSS files. CSS files can be used for different front-end utilities such as different aspects of styling, separating browser styles from app styles, adhering to mobile OS specifications, etc. While using PHP for developing the app, you can divide the app into header, footer, sidebar and main page.

6.Test Your App: There is a site called MockApp.com where you can upload your app and run it. Here you will be able to see if your app is working fine, check on the looks of the app, find out whether the ‘hook’ is visible to all or not. Basically this works as a testing ground before you launch your app.

7.Make The App Secured: Securing the app is very important if you want it to earn accolades from everywhere. You could need user details and if you do not have a good security feature installed, you can run a risk of exposing sensitive user details. You have to ensure that security is a two-pronged thing. First make your application secured and then ensure security on the server side.

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