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How to write a startup business plan for an app ?

How to write a startup business plan for an app ?

With so many compelling apps in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to develop a successful and sustaining app. In addition to an interesting idea of the app, you also need to have certain number of investors and lenders to support the financial condition of your app startup business. One of the most important and crucial aspects to consider, while connecting with potential investors, is to have an impressive startup business plan.

A startup business plan acts as a blueprint of future business and can be beneficial for the both sides of the table, you as well as the investors. A good app startup business plan takes care of various areas of business, and should be designed skillfully.

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Here are some points that you need to include in your startup business plan for a successful growth:

Aim and Description

Every app has a motto behind its existence. Some want to help its users in a certain way, while others are made purely for their leisure time. A business plan must include this goal of an app startup, explaining what  company wants to achieve through this app with a brief description about the company including its brief history, market place and the work culture.

Management Profile

Investors can only be attracted to an app startup if they feel that the company’s top management consists of competent and experienced people. One should put forth a strong point of success competency of the staff with an overview of management team. Explaining the roles and names of key employees can also be beneficial.

Financial Picture

Potential investors always ask for a financial future and present of a startup. While designing a business plan, one must include conversions, churn rate, burn rate, and revenue of the company. Churn rate shows the monthly drop in the number of subscribers whereas burn rate defines the per month money requirements of the company in order to stay in business. Explaining the revenue and burn rate of the company gives an idea about the cash flow to the investors which helps them in making their decision.

Monthly Traffic

Including report of an estimated unique visitors per month can be beneficial for both, the owner and the investor. Through this report, the owner gets to know the user’s reaction towards the app and enables him to pick faults if any, modify them and enrich the user’s experience. From an investor’s point of view, such a report can stand to be beneficial in projecting their future profits within the company.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies come from market analysis. Adding marketing strategies to a business plan enables the owner to analyze the app’s market thoroughly and become familiar with all possible marketing aspects. It allows him to gain knowledge of competing apps and provides an opportunity to design a better strategy than his rival. In addition to that, having a marketing strategy holds a positive impact on the investors and helps in gaining their trust.

Design And Development

The design of an app needs to be updated frequently. The company should always keep working on it’s development process to make it more usable and flexible. Adding a design and development section in a business plan, describes the investors about the future improvement of an app and how it this would generate more business.

Executive Summary

This part of a business plan is solely made for the app investors. Mostly all the investors and lenders first read the executive summary. An executive summary should be concise and readable, highlighting every aspect of a business plan with a clear synopsis about the company.

A well written startup business plan, coupled with an app history and future goals, delivers a clear message to the investors that the owner understands and believes in his business and holds the ability to deliver great results.

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