Why should you opt for Application Maintenance services?

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In today’s digital era, your business is completely dependent on Web and Mobile applications. Therefore, application maintenance appears to be a primary concern to get things going. Now, you must be thinking, why should you do that? Well, let’s dive deep, then.

Think about the following issues:

  1. Who takes care of your website, software, and apps when they crash?
  2. Who resolves the issue when they catch a bug?
  3. Do you update your website, software, or apps at the right time?
  4. What will you do when your Website gets hacked?

Most people outsource a good IT company to develop their applications, post blogs on a regular basis, and stop worrying about everything else. That’s it, right? No! Certainly not. Some extra care is needed. A Deloitte report says that 60% of the outsourcers prefer to hire Application maintenance & support.

So, what is Application Maintenance?

A common conception is there that Software Application Maintenance is all about fixing bugs. However, it’s much bigger than that. It takes care of the visual branding of your website. It manages Web/Android/iOS updates that your mobile app needs.

Sometimes, maintenance means modifying a software system or application, working on software performances, monitoring lifetime as well as optimizing uptime & downtime.

Importance of Application Maintenance:

Let’s take an example of your house. After buying or building it, do you just forget about it? Or think about budgeting your time and money for ongoing utilities, repairs, and renovations? Undoubtedly, the second one.

The same concept is applicable to your applications. Every project of yours is going to require at least some amount of ongoing maintenance. However, maintenance is not only about maintaining, it’s also about improving and evolving gradually.

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In technology, you are either enhancing yourself or you’re falling back. Here, you can’t just standstill. User needs are changing every day and if you don’t have a regular maintenance strategy in place, you’re lagging behind. Hence, Application Maintenance is important. Really important!

Benefits of Application Maintenance:

Now that you know Application Maintenance is essential, you need to know what are the benefits too. Here are a few of them-

Scalability and Security:

Regular maintenance makes sure your application is secure from all external threats. At the same time, your applications become much more scalable. It enables it to accommodate larger workloads while keeping consistent and acceptable levels of performance.


It is not a cost-saving plan if you buy new software or develop from scratch whenever it crashes or catches bugs. Furthermore, it is way better to maintain the same on a regular basis to enhance the lifetime and reduce future costs through mobile and web application maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction:

Application maintenance improves the quality, web presence, and response time of your apps and websites. This does not only help to evolve with time but also fulfills customer requirements better. As a result, the satisfaction level also improves.

Peace of Mind:

Once you know your mobile software applications are in safe hands, and you do not need to do anything extra for the upcoming few years, peace of mind automatically comes. Hence, you can focus on other attributes of your business.

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Bug Fixing

Bugs are common when developing and maintaining websites. When bugs enter code, they can cause issues in your application’s functionality or, even worse — render it completely useless!

The most frequent type of bug is an error that occurs during last-minute changes to a product’s source code; these usually originate from buggy third-party tools used by web entrepreneurs, as well as failures to use version control systems effectively enough (which we all know isn’t easy).

Application maintenance is not an easy process that can be handover to any application maintenance company without rigorous thought. Bugs can be introduced at any time during the coding of your application, making it crucial to regularly test and retest for defects or glitches in order to maintain a stable product.

Moreover, the product won’t turn away customers with bugs. Website entrepreneurs who develop online products must take care when updating their websites’ code because doing so could result in some unexpected errors being displayed by visitors on the screen, which may irritate them greatly if they’re trying to just get serious work done instead!

Bugs, like any other animal in the wild, can be a hazard to your application’s functionality. Bugs may occur and cause hindrances to how it performs its tasks, or even make things worse for no apparent reason at all!

It is important not only because bugs might inconvenience you, but also because they bring down quality by taking up time from developers who could otherwise spend their days making better products instead (and we know that 5% — 10% bug elimination costs happen more often than not).

Save Time and Money

When you trust your IT infrastructure and applications to an application management team, time becomes a much more valuable resource. When the professionals at this company run efficient systems for saving resources on core business processes in order to maximize profit margins while maintaining peak performance — they always have one goal: customer satisfaction!

At the same time, several companies are struggling because these old legacy apps aren’t being phased out fast enough, which means there continues exposure into other critical areas like data backup or disaster recovery plans.

All potential weaknesses must be identified during both web and mobile application maintenance services, which could lead back into becoming reputed by hackers, should be safeguarded against with professional help from expert technicians who specialize specifically when it comes down running powerful software without any issues whatsoever.

Need For Specialists

Maintaining an IT infrastructure is no easy task, but it becomes even more challenging when you need to find skilled specialists. This leaves your company with less time for other necessary projects and may lead them into further complications down the line.

Application maintenance and support services can provide these full-time staff members that are needed in order to keep up engineering tools within organizations where internal teams often fail because of insufficient manpower or conflicting priorities between different departments, which causes errors on their part leading to downtime wreaking havoc among all types of businesses worldwide.

Experiencing Change

The IT world is a tumultuous place. The changes are always coming at an unexpected rate, and you never know what’s going to be thrown your way next — but with application management on board, all those problems disappear!

Application managers will take care of everything from updating applications automatically or by request; they’ve seen it before, so there’s no need for concern when future issues surface that require their expertise.

The company providing this service has been doing such things since time immemorial: they’re experts in handling change because every day brings something new into our lives.

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Assessing Performance

Application management using the best app for this purpose will help you measure storage, performance, and many other things that are required.

With hard numbers like these available in your organization’s system of record (the application), managers can ensure their applications perform as expected, whether it be meeting goals or seeking improvements- all through real-time data collection from within its own framework!

Keep Tracking

The final step of the application maintenance process can be a difficult one, as bugs cause issues for your product. Bugs that are not fixed will give developers headaches and affect their work daily with time-consuming app monitoring tasks.

This leads many companies to outsource these applications in order to save money from having multiple employees focus on just parts or all aspects related to it instead of spreading yourselves too thinly across different areas outside engineering if you have enough manpower already at hand working solely towards fixing those problems!

This not only saves companies from financial penalties caused by poor maintenance but also enables the users to enjoy stable functioning of their applications through constant changes and new products developed day-in/day-out without interruption or downtime for customers who depend on these services in order to perform efficiently at work every single day.

Wrapping it up:

No legacy can go forever, it’s important to know when to update or upgrade. That’s why Application Maintenance is necessary, and you need a professional to do that.

ValueCoders is one of the leading agile application maintenance companies in India. We have 11 years of experience and confidence in making the right decision for you. Some unique benefits of hiring us are:

  1. Zero billing guarantee
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