The A-Z of Front End Development

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Front end development signifies the ways and means of getting the complete website which is uploaded on a server to be viewed by millions of people. Front-end development primarily takes care of the look of a site, ensuring that it is robust, flexible, scalable and likeable! When all these things come together, a website is bound to see increased traffic and better revenue.

More commonly, front-end development, also known as client-side development, does the job of making things look pretty but this is not all. Front-end development also takes care of technical details such as fine tuning the markup, ensuring that the site runs smoothly on all platforms, all the templates and frameworks used function properly etc. To know the A-Z of front-end development, keep reading this article and find out more about the various things associated with it.


HTML/XHTML defines the structure of the website. In other words, the foundation of a website is laid with the help of the markup language. It is very important that a website is well coded. A well-structured website helps in search engine rankings. HTML developers should also take care that a website is semantically coded as this attracts search engine crawlers and results to better rankings.

Ever since HTML5 has made an entry into the market, it has literally garnered huge fan following and has made it almost obligatory for developers to use the new markup language for website development. If you can use HTML 5 for the front-end development, you can be ensured to get better and improved results for your website.

Uniformity in Style Sheet

A website looks good only when there is similarity between the various pages. A visitor will not hesitate to click the ‘cross’ button on the top right of the window if he comes across a site which looks aesthetically poor. Such a disaster can only happen when CSS or Cascading Style Sheet isn’t used to give uniformity to the site design.

Using CSS or CSS 3 (the improved version of the cascading style sheet) uniform background color, the same font style and size can be applied on all the pages. However, while applying the style sheet on the website, care should be taken to see that the style sheet functions equally well in all the browsers (many times IE 6 and 7 sporadically respond to CSS 3).

The A-Z of Front End Development

Content is the King

The design of a website will fall flat and not earn you any additional traffic if you have poor content in the website. Apart from having crisp and short web content, care should also be taken that the content is grammatically correct. Special attention should be given to spellings.

Old is not gold when it comes to web content. Content needs to be changed regularly as this shows that the web developers haven’t forgotten about the site and update depending upon the need of the time. If there was a special offer on any product you were selling from your site, developers will need to ensure that the content is removed when the offer period ends.

Cross Browser & Cross Platform Compatibility

One of the important elements of front-end development is to ensure that a website functions equally well on different browsers. In today’s world, where users browse the Internet on multiple platforms, it is also important to make a website which is cross platform compatible.

Cross browser compatibility means that a website functions properly in different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. Remember that browsers are getting continuously upgraded, allowing some plugins while disabling many others. Regularly check on these things to ensure you’re your site works well across all browsers. A website also needs to be fluid enough to fit into any screen size on any device. When a website can be browsed equally well on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone it means that a website is cross platform compatible.


The competition is ever increasing on making websites faster, disciplined and nimble. Adequate use of JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS surely boosts up the performance of the site making it light, fast and easy to use. Front-end development cannot come to an end unless performance of the site is boosted.

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