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Magento got a lot of attention from developer and merchant community for building online storefronts. Developers at ValueCoders love it because of its modularity, as they can (almost) do anything client asks them. Merchants love it because of the vast number of features it provides out of the box. This results in migration of many websites from other CMS to Magento.

Technology Used:
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Magento
  • MySQL
  • Reactjs

Key Challenges

Our client is a renowned name in the apparel industry of USA. They offer a huge range of product in their niche. Their website was earlier made in OScommerce and it was not able to provide all the functionalities they required. Hence, they planned to migrate the e-store to Magento. That’s why they hired ValueCoders at the first place. Moreover, they wanted to add a few functionalities along with the migration process.

When they hired us, we were asked to meet the following requirements-

  • Website Migration from OScommerce to Magento.
  • Addition of product customization tools.
  • Providing with a provision of custom invoicing.

When executing the project, we came across many challenges. Here are to name a few:

  • Old database to new database migration in different formats and modules.
  • Conflict with Magento default JS while making product customization tools.

Our Solutions

Our osCommerce to Magento migration process involved the following steps-

  • First we fetched the complete data from the old site.
  • Added custom queries for database importing.
  • Then migrated the old database from server to into Magento site.
  • Installed the available Magento plugins as per the requirement.
  • For the rest we developed custom plugins as per client needs.

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