Marketing Campaign System

Our client is a global player in the market of Sales and Marketing. His aim and vision is to develop product and service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0v and 2011 which would help their managers and executives to understand business better and work on it. He had discussion with many software vendors before approaching us. But, they were not able to find out that no one was sure about this integration. The main challenge for implementation of Microsoft CRM with Laravel PHP development framework. Despite all facts our CRM team took this uphill task to their account and the best part is they delivered it to the client within the deadline.

Technology Used:
  • CRM 2011 Online
  • Dynamics
  • jQuery and JSONP
  • Lamp
  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • SOAP

Key Challenges

Our client was aiming to develop a process for managing and tracking their marketing campaigns with MS Dynamics CRM 2011. The application was developed for assisting sales people for tracking qualified leads through the sales process. For approximately 5000 targeted recipients personalized URLs has been generated which are having a common landing page for all of them.

Moreover, when the client came to us, his main task was to automate a marketing campaign by using CRM 2011.
He then selected Dynamics CRM 2011 Online to help manage and track Marketing campaigns as well as assist Sales people for tracking qualified Leads through the sales process. But, he was little worried about the execution of Laravel PHP framework with MS Dynamics CRM 2011 as his main requirement was interaction of MS CRM with Laravel PHP development framework page.

Moreover, these personalized URLs were JSP pages having some triggers associated with various events that were present in the page. On occurrence of any particular events which requires data needed to be pushed to the Dynamics CRM 2011 server via a proxy server which is called as Linux box.

Our main goal was to update the triggered actions in the MS Dynamics CRM server with the Laravel PHP script should be running in the proxy server. Moreover, those Laravel scripts should have the capability to be consumed by making AJAX calls from the JSP pages which were in different domains/web servers.

When they hired ValueCoders, we had to address to the following tasks:

  • Develop a system which handles all business tasks and campaigns easily.
  • Integration with Twilio APIs for allowing users to set up call forwarding which will route the call to their phones.

While developing, we faced various challenges including the following ones:

  • Collecting lists of all related tasks taking place in the organization.
  • Develop a database for the list of each task performed by employees.

Our web developers at ValueCoders had overcome these challenges with their innovative ideas and technical expertise.

Our Solutions

It was one of the first cases where we were trying to connect or add or update MS Dynamics CRM entities from a non CRM platform which in this case is LAMP. So we did a cross team analysis for designing the best solution for our client.
In addition, our Laravel PHP development team added JSONP support to the Laravel PHP request handler page for Cross Domain Ajax calls which should be made from the JSP pages.

We have also provided the client side validations for the landing pages form attributes in such manner that when you include the js file from the Linux server the validation would automatically be activated. We also implemented the code to log for each and every SOAP requests along with the errors received by the application to have it as a fail-safe mechanism.

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