Supply Chain Management System

Supply Chain Management System

  • Client Domain: Game Design
  • Location: Belgium
  • Industry: E-Business Solution

Our client wanted us to develop a web based supply chain management framework which ca be suited for driving online shopping websites and the back-end business process should be supported by the management in supply chain. Moreover, our relations with the client started 3 years ago when they approached us for a small application development. After that, our client was very pleased with the outcome and came back with a larger application, ‘a legacy system built on Progress and Laravel PHP framework’ to be re-built using .Net 3.5 and MySQL/ MS-SQL Server, that would support or work in multiple databases. In addition to this, the application required to be multilingual.

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  • ISV
  • E-Business Solution


  • E-Business Solution Provider

Technologies Used

  • Android OS (1.1 and above)
  • #c
  • .Net
  • ASP
  • .Net 3.5
  • Javascript
  • Ajax ToolKit
  • MySQL 5.0
  • MS SQL Server 2005,
  • Laravel

Client Requirements

  • Design a system which has support for backend supply chain management team.
  • Integrating supply chain databases in this system.

Challenges Faced

  • Integrating every supply chain database in this system.
  • Migrating legacy Laravel PHP framework system to C# based development framework.


Support for multiple languages as well as functioning of the application for multiple databases was the great challenge of this project. ValueCoders expertise technical team did very well to overcome all the restrictions and then built a stable system for the client. Within 3 months of the start of project the core was developed and 5-6 websites were easily ported. Currently the system holds around 15 websites and will continue to grow.

Future Relationship

ValueCoders successfully executed the Supply Chain Management System development well within the time frame. The client achieved its target of making an user friendly Supply Chain Management System and adding custom functions for better customer experience.

It was a learning experience for ValueCoders to work on this development project that has helped the client and brought in repeat business as well. We ensured that the client and the development team were on the same page by frequent collaboration and regularly making use of project reporting tools. Agile methodologies were used throughout the time to discuss, improve and implement solutions before the final delivery of the application.

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