Video Conferencing Platform

Video Conferencing Platform

  • Client Domain: Provider of IT Solutions
  • Location: USA
  • Industry: General

During the initial stages of the project our client wanted us to create and implement a video conferencing platform which would enable users to connect and invite others to start an Audio-Visual conference call. ValueCoders’s experienced team of software engineers worked in close collaboration with the client to design a robust product of which we are all proud of.

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  • HealthCare
  • eCommerce


  • Apparel

Technologies Used

  • Web RTC
  • EasyRTC
  • Node.js
  • Express js
  • Jade
  • Stylus
  • MongoDB
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • TURN/STUN server
  • Twilio API, SVN

Client Requirements

  • Use and Easy RTC for implementing peer to peer based chat rooms.
  • Integration with Twilio APIs for allowing users to setup call forwarding which will route the call to their phones.
  • Use of MongoDB in the backend.

Challenges Faced

  • While Implementing backend we had to use Node.js and MongoDB which helps in storing Contacts, status and other information related to the users.
  • Using STUN/TURN servers for handling connection between the peers.
  • Implementing Express.js on the top of Node.js and using jade/twitter bootstrap for template engine along with Stylus for styling.


ValueCoders tried to engage the services of an expert team of engineers which can work closely with the client to research and develop a greartop of the line Peer-to-Peer video conferencing platform/application with the use of latest webRTC based technology.

Some of the mian features of the application are as follows: -

  • WebRTC is integrated with and also with Easy RTC for implementing peer to peer based chat rooms
  • Implemented a native thin client app for windows operating system which works similar to Skype and allows users to communicate with other users who can connect via their web browser
  • Backend was implemented using Node.js and MongoDB which helped in maintaining contacts, status and other such information about the users
  • Implemented the ability for creating unique URLs which could be shared with non-system users for allowing them to connect and conference
  • Integrated with Twilio APIs to allow users to set up call forwarding which then routes the call to their smartphone
  • Use of Express.js framework on top of Node.js and Jade/twitter bootstrap for the templating engine together with Stylus for styling
  • Setup STUN/TURN servers which will handle the connection between the peers.
  • Finally once we had the basic web version running we then rely on Open Source webRTC libraries and therefore is implemented like a C++ app for windows desktops.

Future Relationship

ValueCoders successfully executed thevideo conference system/application development well within the time frame. The client achieved its target of making an user friendly video conference system/application and adding custom functions for better customer experience.

It was a learning experience for ValueCoders to work on this development project that has helped the client and brought in repeat business as well. We ensured that the client and the development team were on the same page by frequent collaboration and regularly making use of project reporting tools. Agile methodologies were used throughout the time to discuss, improve and implement solutions before the final delivery of the application.

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