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Roles Played by Successful Android Developers

Roles Played by Successful Android Developers

It is not surprising to know that most smartphones and phablets today are powered by android. Every day thousands of new apps are uploaded on Google store and millions are downloaded from all parts of the world. Realizing this opportunity, businesses of today are seriously considering the ways to leave an impact on today’s world of connectivity. People, who have stepped into this space and have got their business app developed and continue to update it time and again, tweaking it based on customer’s responses. Having a dedicated resource in Android application development is hence very critical in today’s time. With the continuously evolving Android technology, the role of an Android developer is broadening and this is exactly what our discussion is about. In this article we will closely look at the roles played by successful Android Developers of today. Let’s begin.

Creating and Developing Applications

The android developers are required to create apps using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). They can use the Android plugin called ADT (Android Development Tool) on the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is a code sensitive editor. Other development tools such as Native Development Kit (NDK), Google App Developer (GAD), and Apache Cordova etc. can also be considered. The developers have to be updated with the latest version of Android i.e. Lolipop and be well versed with earlier versions – Kitkat, JellyBean, Ice Cream Sandwich and GingerBread.

Participating in Android Community

To keep pace with the latest updates and new features, the android developers should actively participate in Android community. They can also use Android Open Source Project which lets them modify their operating system configurations.

Creating Apps with HTML5

Another task for Android developers is to create sophisticated apps using HTML5 to run mobile apps. For the webpages to open on different screen sizes, various frames and tools are involved which provide flexibility across platforms.

Collaborating with Device Manufacturers

Collaborating with manufactures is important as it ensures latest software and hardware match for enhancing the capabilities of the device.

Satisfying User Requirements

The developers need to closely watch this android space and analyze the feedback and ratings received from their customers. This is important as it helps them understand the voice of their customers and allows them to reinvent the apps accordingly.

Fixing the bugs filed by users

The developers can work in conjunction with the Android Security Team to resolve the bugs identified by the customers.

Conducing Unit Tests

This is an important role of the Android developers. Once developed, they need to perform unit testing to test all aspects of the application at all levels. Testing the units, checks the interaction of the unit code with other app components.

Publishing Apps on Completion

Once the app is completed, tested and it has received a green signal from the management, the developers should also publish this app on Google store. It is essential to optimize it so that it is made available when searched online. In extension, the developers should also acknowledge and respond to customer’s feedback on timely basis.

The developers need to have a blend of technical as well as functional knowledge. Their hands on technical conversance with the Android Open source Ecosystem and understanding of development languages and database come as an advantage. With different versions of the platform available in the market, the developer should have the capabilities to manage them and integrate them with external APIs (Application Program Interfaces). A developer’s strength lies in producing error free code and hence it’s important that the developers also check each unit of code they write and later test the entire application and resolve the functional and UI defects.

Likewise, the functional and business orientation of the developers helps them in clearly understanding the customer requirements and shapes them in the form of a successful app. The role of a developer is intense and can be complex at times. However, with the right skills and motivation they can perform the best jobs.

So you can clearly see that the technology businesses of today have a great need of dedicated android developers and only the developers possessing all the discussed skills, capabilities, knowledge and expertise can be the right fit for this role.

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