There are “n” numbers of app development frameworks, but all you require is to make an adequate and matching choice to develop a leading app for your business.    

If I talk about the popular cross-platform for mobile application development, then it is Ionic to prove this factor here; I have placed the Google trend graph showing the maximum number of searches related to Ionic compared with React Native and Flutter. So, if you are looking for one of the mobile app development frameworks, Ionic will be a great choice. 

10+ Reasons Why You Should Go For Ionic Framework To Develop Outstanding Mobile Apps?

10+ Reasons Why You Should Go For Ionic Framework To Develop Outstanding Mobile Apps?

Ionic framework is one of the famous and best front-end SDK and open-source mobile app development platforms that helps the industry form leading mobile applications for iOS, Windows, and Android smartphones. 

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Seeing the above-stated stats, you must be wondering what special qualities Ionic includes that everyone prefers using the framework for mobile and web app development. 

Let’s move further and know the benefits of using Ionic in cross-platform mobile application development…  

Why Enterprises Prefer Ionic Framework For Mobile App Development?

Starting from experienced Ionic app developers to normal businessmen, each of them nowadays favors employing Ionic SDK for agile and leading development of mobile applications. Moreover, you can also avail of Ionic app development services to make effective use of all features. 

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Here I have stated the few pointers which help you know why businesses should choose an Ionic framework for mobile application development.   

1. Open Source SDK

To develop an excellent hybrid app, Ionic is one of the most appropriate choices for startups and SMEs as it is a 100% free, open-source framework authorized under MIT. It completely works differently and amazingly in the context of abrupt breakdown that other open-source SDK come across. With this open-source framework, you can perform things extraordinarily as it is steady, robust, and reliable. Ionic App Development is a savior if you are looking for agile app development. 

2. Development Of Mobile Apps Across Platform

With Ionic, you can create hybrid mobile apps that can work over various mobile devices with different operating systems (OS). But while developing the mobile applications in Ionic, keep in mind that the app should be consistent with the different operating systems as this will only help you make use of this special feature of Ionic.

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3. Single Code-base

Ionic allows you to form high-end user interfaces utilizing the same code to develop applications for different platforms. The programming languages that the Ionic framework applies are simply and quickly transformed from one operating system (OS) to another, which enables the app to be adopted across varying platforms.                        

If one chooses a native language instead of a hybrid, more efforts and money would be needed to learn selective languages for each platform. This can also shake the startup & SME’s total mobile app development cost budget. 

4. Default UI/UX

Good UI/UX design is the main component of each mobile application. Ionic includes wonderful animations with appealing themes and designs. This framework is considered one of the top-rated Front-end frameworks (UI interaction) containing various components such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript (JS), and beautiful designs. Moreover, this platform helps businesses in forming attractive and user-friendly applications.

5. Completely Based On AngularJS 

Ionic-based mobile apps are powered up by AngularJS. By prolonging the HTML Syntax, AngularJS grants outstanding structure to help enterprises make codes more docile. In order to develop high-performing browser-based applications, the framework employs AngularJS. Moreover, AngularJS with Ionic helps you more by offering a bunch of functionalities.

6. App Integration 

Ionic offers high-end application integration that enables the sharing of data and processes among various business apps. Moreover, it supports enterprises to organize their operations and correlate features with cloud apps. Most people encounter difficulty in the app integration part; if you are also facing the same, hire ionic developers. This will help you make the Ionic app development process smooth.

7. Easy Testing Of Apps

Testing is one of the crucial phases as this helps you analyze the working process of the mobile application. With an Ionic framework, the testing process became very easy. Using this framework, one can test the application on a desktop and as well on a browser performing simulator testing employing Cordova commands for iOS and Android apps. Additionally, you can also test the apps by remote debugging.    

8. Utilization Of Cordova Plugins

Do you know what plugins are? It is a small piece of code, in JavaScript (JS) format, appended to your app that allows you to perform numerous tasks like a native app. Cordova plugins are available in the Ionic, which ultimately grants access to multiple operating system features (OS) such as pro-location, access to logs, camera, and more. These plugins intensify the complete performance of the mobile apps, and for doing so, you just need to add up a few simple codes to your development. 

9. Robust CLI (Command-Line-Interface)

The comprehensive command-line interface is an in-built development server employed in the Ionic framework. It is a text-based interface where a user utilizes the command prompt to interact with the mobile application through the support of multiple commands.   

10. Useful Native Plugins

The ionic framework has complete access to native APIs & Plugins that grant apps a native user experience. With Ionic, you can utilize around 120 native devices functionalities such as Bluetooth, Fingerprint AUTH,  and a lot with Cordova plugins. These plugins offe0r you access to multiple functionalities and help you enhance the overall performance of an app.  

10+ Reasons Why You Should Go For Ionic Framework To Develop Outstanding Mobile Apps?

11. Scaled Up Technology

The Ionic utilizes web-based technology, which mainly helps you doing app future updation. It means whenever you require to make modifications to your code or need to customize any adopted component that can be made simply without putting any effort.

12. Huge And Helpful Community

It’s not a simple task to work out with a new framework. Sometimes it’s become challenging even for experienced Ionic developers. Ionic is one of the most popular frameworks like Cordova and Angular; it has a big and active community. So working with Ionic can be simple as if you will be having any sort of query, then you resolve the same by taking the support of the community. 

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Popular Apps Built On the Ionic Framework

There are so many mobile apps that are built using the Ionic framework. But to list down all application names built with Ionic is not possible; that’s why here I have mentioned a few popular mobile app names which are developed using the Ionic framework.  

If you want to form a popular application using Ionic, then I will recommend you hire Ionic developers. Doing so will assist you in getting a hassle-free mobile app development process. Moreover, benefit your business in creating outstanding mobile applications.  

MarketWatch: It is a free application available for Android and iOS platforms. Using this app, users get personal financial advice, corporation news, stock market quotes, and more.

Pacifica: This app helps users reduce stress and tackle anxiety and depression, and sort mental issues. This app works on both Android & iOS platforms.

Sworkit: This cross-platform fitness app helps users doing exercise without using the equipment.

Diesel: This cross-platform app works well on both iOS and Android platforms. This application analyzes the performance of the store and its products.

StockPlan Connect: It is one of the complex applications created on the Ionic framework, mainly helps to sell shares, observe their balance as well as expand their stock performance.

McLaren Automotive: It is one of the trending apps created on the Ionic framework. This app allows users to view trends, events, and the latest news.

JustWatch: The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android platforms. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes are the few services offered by JustWatch.

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ChefSteps:  This application can be utilized by anyone involved in cooking and looking for ways to enhance their skill in this field.

McDonald’s Turkiye: I think there is no need to provide an introduction to McDonald’s! I just want to state that this popular Ionic mobile app can work on both IOS and Android platforms.

Nationwide: It is a well-known app focused on offering financial and insurance services. This can work on iOS and Android devices.

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The prerequisite & latest demand for mobile apps can be easily fulfilled using Ionic. This framework is the best match for building a simple to complex mobile app with basic native functionalities. With the Ionic platform, your business can develop apps effortlessly, in less time, and by saving money.

Well, sometimes it’s really hard to work with new or different frameworks. If you are also using Ionic for the first time or confronting issues making adequate use of it in mobile app development, then hire Ionic programmers working in the top-notch Ionic app development company (ValueCoders).  

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10+ Reasons Why You Should Go For Ionic Framework To Develop Outstanding Mobile Apps?

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