How to Create, Examine and Distribute Your Android App

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you want to generate revenue out of an app which sells all over the world, then you cannot afford to focus only on iOS apps. Android has come up to be one of the best and highly grossing market for apps and concentrating on making sure that your app looks and feels good on this platform is highly important. Though Android platform is a complex one, it has been seen that it is highly flexible and has incorporated a few of the best apps without any problem. However, if you do not know the tricks of generating a good Android app it can turn out to be a big problem and this is the reason why there must be an understanding of how to build the app properly keeping certain key points in mind, how to test the app and measures which should be taken while distributing the app. Here is a brief explanation on all the three factors.

Building Good Android Apps

Building anything turns out to be good if the right technology and the right way to use it come together. When beginning with the process of building apps, keeping in mind the three most important classes which are Context, Activity and Intent and these three form the very basis of building Android apps. Also, specifying the unique purpose and giving importance to user interface while you specify the activity application environment is important.

For people who aren’t beginners and have some experience in building apps, clearing out a few misunderstandings to achieve a good app is something that must be done.

1) Adopt the Web App Way

This might sound confusing but this is what will lead you to a good Android app. A lot of people feel, adopting the iOS way of building apps is a good idea but Android platform is completely different from it. Android is more like building a web app and this is why developers need to think about the relationship between the components of the app they are building rather than focus on getting the pixels right. Making your app work on most of the Android devices is also a tough task and this problem must also be solved by keeping scalability in mind. Also, always aim at building an app which runs on mobile devices and tablets alike as having two different apps for different devices is something impractical and might do damage to your business.

2) Integrate your App with Other Apps

This is something that almost every good app has and allows you to have a two-way beneficial approach. This means that now, not only will your app be able to grow with options of other apps on it but it will help other related applications grow too. Best example is the integration of social media like Twitter and Facebook in your app which spreads your apps popularity far and wide among different kind of audiences. This can be done with the help of ‘intents’ and this helps a lot as not only does it improve your app’s functionality but it is easier for users also.

Android App Testing

This is something which is highly important as now is the exam for your app and if it passes this exam then you are ready to go. Android apps require extensive testing due to the high number of devices present in the market. Testing an app isn’t the easy process and you need to keep a number of factors in your mind before actually going about it. The tests have to be planned well in advance and there are a number of things which you should test. These include testing on as many different devices as possible, testing on the lowest version of Android available and making sure all the buttons and search tabs work. This will ensure quality and your testing would be successful. Also, there are a number of services which help in Android app testing and taking the help of those isn’t a bad idea. Few of the best services present on the Internet include Robotium and Robolectric. These frameworks make app testing an easy process. There are other cloud based services like TestDroid which let you test your app on different Android devices through a web interface and help you test your app faster. The cloud services also provide you with a more realistic approach and experience in testing apps.

App Distribution

Now that your app is ready and has been tested in the most extensive and detailed manner and has passed the test, you have to focus on distributing it in the Android markets. Because of the presence of so many devices, the number of markets is also fragmented and its nature makes the distribution very important as if not distributed properly, all the efforts in building and testing might go in vain. The number of Android markets is very high and you have to decide where you want your app to go and what is going to be the selling price of it. Undoubtedly, Google Play is one of the biggest markets and your app will definitely be listed here. To gain the attention and trust of the people, popularize your app on social media platforms and also provide a developer’s website link in your app to ensure the people that your app is official and the logo hasn’t been copied. Apart from Google Play there are other Android market as well where you can launch your app and a few of them include Amazon AppStore, GetJar, Appitalism, MobileRated, PocketGear, SlideMe, and others. There are other options of installing an app to the phone which includes directly downloading it from computer to phone, through social media app links and other ways. You also need to figure out if you want to localize your app in different countries or just keep it solely for one country and this depends on the function and the nature of your app. Also, deciding the cost of your app is also an important factor which you need to consider when you plan to launch and distribute your application.

By keeping the above mentioned guidelines in mind, you will be easily able to build, test and distribute your app in a successful manner. The process needs efficient planning and by following certain golden rules it is quite possible for an app to grow in terms of both popularity and functionality.

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