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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

Application of innovative technology has been constantly contributing to boost healthcare services delivery to worldwide patients since a long time.

With the latest advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence has evolved as the modern booster for healthcare industry and nowadays one can find several Artificial Intelligence developers contributing to this sector. At present, AI implementation in the healthcare sector has produced outcomes that could never have been fathomed several years back from now.

In this blog post, we will explore the diverse application areas where AI is transforming the healthcare sector. Additionally, we will help you understand why you must invest in healthcare application development.

Understanding AI Application in the Context of Modern Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry

The current healthcare industry has made significant achievements in standards of healthcare service delivery owing to the supporting force technologies like AI have been providing for quite some years now.

From diagnosis to drug recovery and Virtual nursing to remote patient monitoring; the impact of AI on healthcare is fairly evident.

The advancements in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks and their consequent application in healthcare have provided the much-needed assistance to global healthcare industry professionals.

Then we have the AI-based Da Vinci robot that helps surgeons perform the most complex and delicate surgeries with high precision. AI has indeed made diagnosis of some of the most critical diseases like Cancer simplified.

In fact, by analyzing the patient’s test reports and supporting medical images, the system can accurately diagnose the disease, thereby allowing the physicians to formulate a comprehensive healthcare plan for the patient.

Deciphering of massive medical imaging data to reveal tissue properties and effect of a specific drug can be easily analyzed as well. Google Deepmind Health and IBM Watson also require special mention when it comes to discussing significant contributors to the healthcare industry.

Not only can AI facilitate analyzing the underlying molecular structure of any drug and predict its effect; but it also helps in formulating a new improved drug that has faster, much effective impact on the patient.

Virtual nursing based applications further extend the scope of medical care beyond patient’s discharge from the hospital.

Such applications can be accessed as wearable as well and enable providing guidance to patient in cases like reminding the daily medicine schedule, answer generic treatment-specific queries and more.

Impact of Prominent AI Based Healthcare Apps – A Quick Overview

With advent of Smartphones came the need to pack AI into mobile-friendly healthcare solutions.

Consequently, the healthcare sector witnessed a plethora of feature-enriched apps designed and developed for the sole aim of simplifying things for the physicians and patients.

Among the several AI based healthcare apps, Babylon deserves special mention. Often referred as the Doctor app, Babylon analyzes patient data by comparing research papers and millions of data points as derived from other global patients to diagnose the disease and generate accurate report as output.

Built by a London based healthcare company, ADA is an AI based app developed along similar lines. It not only provides diagnosis by asking symptom based questionnaire to patients but also offers the remedial measures to be followed like booking appointment with a professional physician.

Developed using the health records of over 2 billion global health events, K Health is another app that takes the patient through different rounds of ailment-based questions and then records the answers for analysis, providing accurate diagnosis report as output.

Intelligent Investment in AI is The Need of the Hour for Global Medical Industry

If you do require delivering superior healthcare services and experience to patients, investing in AI should be of paramount importance to you. Though AI based research is typically quite expensive, it unleashes the potential to strengthen your existing healthcare service delivery.

It makes the process swift, more accurate and systematic; thereby relieving that awful tremendous pressure on physicians and healthcare professionals. Consulting a healthcare app development company should thus be your next move in case you desire to have a robust healthcare app built.

An experienced healthcare application development services provider can systematically guide you on ensuring an improved healthcare service delivery experience as you invest in AI based healthcare apps.

You simply need to discuss your precise requirements with a healthcare software development company to leverage the best of what AI based healthcare applications have on offer.

Why Investing in Healthcare App Development is Good?

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