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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

Nowadays, businesses do not want to develop mobile apps differently for separate mobile OS. Be it for cost cutting or saving time, cross-platform frameworks are highly useful in many ways. Xamarin

Also, from the developer’s point of view, a hybrid framework makes it easy to develop an app. A single set of code is used to develop apps that are applicable for all the platforms. All that’s left for developers is to develop custom user interfaces for each, and that’s quite easy.

However, there are many frameworks that are available in the market. Xamarin and Ionic are two of them. Both Xamarin and Ionic are effective and useful to develop an interactive mobile app. Hence, if you are stuck to choose between these two then this infographic can be highly helpful to you-


So, Xamarin or Ionic?



Therefore, as you can see now, your decision lies upon your criteria. If you want to develop your mobile app with less cost and time then Ionic is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you are Microsoft biased, competitive and want an app with high quality and greater user experience then Xamarin is the one for you.

Overall, both the frameworks are useful and requirement specific. For us: we value quality over speed. Just because you can develop something with free tooling , do it fast and have more fun coding it; that is no substitute for building an authentic, responsive mobile UI on a clean, top notch, refactor-able code base,  that will be ready for the market when it hits first release.

Regardless of the framework you choose to develop your mobile app, our developers are there for you. ValueCoders, an Indian IT outsourcing company, provides Agile software teams for Mobile application development, for all your Android, iOS and Windows app development needs with the following advantages:

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