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Covid-19 Update: Our entire team is working remotely. We expect no disruptions in our services.

Covid-19 Update: We expect no disruptions in our services.

Collaborative Portal For Nurses

How about developing a portal wherein healthcare professionals, especially neonatal nurses, nationally and internationally could share knowledge, ideas and experiences with each other. This is something that one of our clients from the Healthcare industry in Canada thought of. They wanted this group of professionals to participate in provincial, federal and international health care decision-making and policy development regarding the care of newborns and their families through different events.

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Technologies Used

  • AJAX
  • ASP.NET 3.5
  • C#.NET
  • Jquery
  • WSS 3.0

Key Challenges

This client’s intent was to develop a portal for neonatal nurses to collaborate among themselves as well as with other healthcare providers, both nationally and internationally, to gather and share information related to healthcare decision-making, policy development and care for newborns.

The portal was also meant to promote knowledge sharing for effective and innovative approaches for neonatal nursing practices and changes in health policy. Registered users were to be allowed to share knowledge, experiences and ideas with other healthcare providers who chose to participate.

The idea was to develop two different zones, one for the Administrators to handle their required tasks which included content management on different pages and the other for the external users (nurses).

When they hired ValueCoders, we had to address to the following tasks:

  • An application/tool for PCs and tablets, which can become a platform for sharing.
  • It should be able to handle heavy traffic
  • High quality user interface and fast loading speed

While developing, we faced various challenges including the following ones:

  • Creating different data sets and connecting them with servers
  • Making it a dynamic platform with auto updates
  • Fetching all the data from the database when needed.

Our web app developers at ValueCoders had overcome these challenges with their innovative ideas and technical expertise.

Our Solutions

ValueCoders decided to accept the challenge of the complexity of work, our web app developers set their respective tasks of developing the web application. Few group discussions were done among the developers resulting in a plan to develop the application keeping in mind the fact that the delivery need to be of the highest possible quality and the solution provided had to exceed customer expectations. Our solution provided for the business situation is explained with the help of the work-flow.

The client previously had an existing mobile-application and now wants to develop a web application in for a medical journal with all features of the mobile-app:

  • Target devices – aim for as much consistency as possible, use of native API and GUI controls for design consistency within the platform.
  • The screen orientation of mobile app should Vertical or Portrait for navigating all the app screens, however the articles can be read in either Vertical / Portrait or – Horizontal / Landscape orientation.
  • User need to have a Subscriptions and Login authentication for viewing the articles.
  • Only free content had to be made available to unpaid subscribers.
  • Web-services should be used for retrieving the project-content from server.
  • For Offline-caching and for saving username-password user settings should be used.

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