KRA & KPI Management Software

It is a well-structured KRA’s and KPI’s which enable employees to get a clear understanding of what important areas need to be attended to and what work needs to be focused on, how that can be measured and monitored. A Custom Online KRA & KPI Management Software makes it easy to walk through the road when compared to a manual process.

Technology Used:
  • API
  • Business Intelligence
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • MEAN Stack
  • Require.JS
  • Web & Enterprise Portals

Key Challenges

Our client is a profitable HR consulting firm based in the USA. They were trying to automate the task & operation management system by improving the process of managing employee rating, KRA description and privacy of employee reviews. They had two compelling reasons to build an Online KRA & KPI Management Software.

The first being the cost factor, which was very high with the old manual system. And secondly, they wanted a more user-friendly system which was not possible with the functionalities available with the manual one. Thus, they wanted to build a new software with a different format altogether.

When they hired ValueCoders, we had to address to the following tasks:

  • Develop a seamless, secure, personalized and scalable software.
  • Migrate legacy data from the old database to the new one.
  • Make it user friendly and easily manageable for the administrator.
  • Permissions & access levels are properly defined at each level.

Our Solutions

There were a few major parts in the project which was skillfully handled by the talented development team at ValueCoders. Here are the steps we followed to develop the software.

ValueCoders Case Studies

We utilized various technologies for the front end development and here’s how we did it

  • At the client side, we used Angular.JS in most of the cases.
  • For keeping it a single page application, we utilized Angular UI-Router & Require.JS for specific page loading.
  • Whenever any http call is there from Angular API, it is redirected to Express.JS API.
  • In the end, the Express.JS API sends the final response back to Angular.JS API.

ValueCoders Client Cases

  • For the Authentication purpose, we kept three options such as 1) Navigation Based Login 2) Direct URL Login & 3) API Level Secure Login
  • Thus we developed the KRA management software as per the specific needs of the client.

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