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Advantages of Using Symfony for Development

Symfony comprises of a set of PHP components, an Application Framework, a Community and a Philosophy, and all of them work in tandem to help realize a common goal on the web. Thus, Symfony may have the following elements:

1.  Symfony Framework: This is a kind of the primary PHP Framework that is built to encompass the Symfony Components for creating feature-rich websites and web based applications.

2.  Symfony Components: The components comprise of the reusable components that a developer can use to build great PHP applications, including phpBB, Drupal and eZ Publish.

3.  Symfony Community: There are a large number of PHP developers who are the part of this community and who contribute to the continuous growth of Symfony.

4.  Symfony Philosophy: The Symfony Philosophy aims at promoting the best practices and professionalism and also creating standardization and interoperability of web based applications.

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What are the benefits of using Symfony for the application development?

As a development framework, Symfony is often considered to simplify the works of a developer, as it doesn’t demand extensive codes to write for creating web applications. Moreover, it allows faster, stable and flexible development. There could be several types of advantages that can draw a developer’s attention towards the Symfony Framework:

1.  Fast Paced Development: When today, time demands for fast and high-performance applications, the developer community needs to quickly turn to a framework that can give them the flexibility of creating great applications. Symfony 2 has especially been recognized for its ability for performance optimization of applications. It consumes less memory and allows to develop applications at a significant speed.

2.  Flexibility: Symfony is fully adaptable to a developer’s unique requirements, with independent and configurable elements. With its event dispatcher and dependency injector, a developer can easily create complex applications with multiple functional features. One can build the required functionalities brick by brick and can carry out the development task at his/her own pace. It can also be used to add specific functionality to a project, to make it unique in the digital world.

3.  An Expandable Framework: In Symfony, everything is present as a bundle. Each bundle can add a unique functionality to the framework, thus adding to its expansion. A developer can reuse a bundle in another project and can also share it with the community. One can also use the system of bundles to change everything within Symfony, without the need to reconfigure the complete framework. It allows to change the core itself to help expand the framework.

4.  A Stable Framework: The developers of the company offer support for a period of 3 years, although on security related issues they can provide you with lifetime support. The company intends to provide more stability by ensuring compatibility among all its minor versions. This ensures stability and sustainability of the application developed in any version of the framework. Moreover, it can also ensure compatibility with the public APIs for more functional advantages.

5.  Comfort & Convenience: The Framework provides a highly functional development environment and brings a desired level of joy and comfort for developers. Instead of focusing on minor functionalities, the framework encourages developers to focus more on the core functional features of an application. This improves the productivity of a developer and makes their task smooth and error-free. There are Symfony tools, such as the Web Debug Toolbar that bring more comfort for a developer to address errors and security related issues.

6.  User Friendly: For any developer, Symfony is an easy to use framework that allows them to create applications in a flexible manner. The framework is highly accessible for both the newbie and the advanced users, with a host of documentation and the support from the company as well as the community. With an adequate level of professional support, a beginner can quickly learn the best practices of  Symfony Development to help create agile and performance-driven solutions.

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