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Laravel Spark 6.0 is Now Available

Laravel Spark 6.0 is Now Available

Today in a press conference, Laravel announced the release of latest version of Spark called  Laravel Spark 6.0. Spark is a Laravel package which provides scaffolding for all the things and stuff you don’t want in your code. All the things like subscription billing, invoices, authentication, resetting the password, two-factor authentication, etc.

Laravel Spark 6.0 is the biggest release for Spark since its inception. In the next section, we will discuss some of the new features in Laravel Spark 6.0.

Features in Laravel Spark 6.0

  • Bootstrap 4.0

Spark 6.0 is developed on the latest release of the Bootstrap CSS framework. It provides a wonderful and modern starting point for your new web application interface.

  • Localization

With Spark 6.0, users can now translate to the language of their own choice. All the text throughout the web application can be easily translated. Moreover, Spark 6.0 supports right-to-left text layouts.

  • Enhanced UI

Spark Settings Dashboard have received a from the Laravel’s in-house designer Steve Schoger. Moreover, this interface is very enjoyable and simple starting point for your web application.

  • Support for Stripe.js v3

Laravel Spark 6.0 is upgraded to Stripe.js v3 and stripe elements. It provides even greater security to your web application payment gateway and various subscription process.

  • Supports Latest Laravel Version

Spark 6.0 supports the latest version of Laravel, so you are free to take the advantage of all the great features of Laravel within your created Spark web application.

Spark 6.0 Explanation

Spark 6.0 is a huge update. It requires a required license upgrade. Customers who purchased Spark on or after Black Friday 2017 will get Spark 6.0 for free.

All the other existing customers will receive 50% discount on license upgrades. For all the new customers, Spark 6.0 has the same prices as previous releases of Spark.

Spark 6.0 is contained in a new GitHub repository and has been assigned the serial code name “Aurelius”. From now on, each paid upgrade to Spark will receive a new series codename based on a philosopher. These names make it easy to distinguish between Spark version numbers and major versions of Spark.

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