Latest Web Design Trends for Designers- 2013

Latest Web Design Trends are an exemplary manifestation of the persistent advancement of online world. The world is going through continuous changes and the internet is also going through changes to cope with the advancement of world. People always look forward to newer and latest technology trends. Some most recent trends in web design for 2013 are discussed here.

Content First

Content is a very important issue and it should be one of the primary concerns of the design. Your content needs to be well organized, efficient, searchable and easily accessible. Interaction of user should be a major consideration. You should be careful and deliberate about the presentation of your content and you should also decide whether you should adapt it to your device or not.

Responsive Design

The mobile devices are going through immense progress with the improvement of technology and diversified web designs are emerging for uses in these devices. The incorporation of these designs in mobile devices gives users a better opportunity to experience the Internet from different devices. You need to design responsive templates that can be introduced in different screen sizes as in laptop, desktop, tablet and cell phone. If you do that, it would help people to view your site from the convenient devices they have.

Typography and Soothing Color Schemes

While building their websites web designers and developers are more concerned about the magnitude of things such as images and JavaScript. While some things, like @font-face to serve fonts from the server, are profoundly weighted — the magnitude of fonts used for website design are often lighter than their image and script counterparts and get less attention. Typography is going to be a focal element of website design. You may use more ingenious styles of typography to make your website more presentable.

Color trends are more unpredictable than other things. Observation of many new sites discloses that more subdued and soothing color would dominate in the color palettes of new websites and mobile apps. PayPal’s home page redesign gives an evidence of the use of such calmer color schemes. Pantone’s color choice for 2013 also discloses the preference for lighter colors. For being in the safe side, you may use whites, grays, and black as the primary colors and avoid the actual hues.

Flat Design

Flat design deficits gradients and skeuomorphism but it has its unique features as well. The solid colors, white space, and crisp typography might result in a sophisticated and soothing website. Flat design patterns are followed by many sites, like 2012 Year on Twitter, Lorenzo Verzini, January Creative, and Fitbit. Windows 8 also displays flat design.


The Parallax web design trend has come in focus because of its amazing faux-3D effect. The creation of illusion of depth, the movement of images at different speeds, change in size or at dimension to size is definitely a remarkable addition in the arena of web design. Parallax elements are smart and elegant and hence used by sites like Piffle and Bagigia. You might think of such templates to give your site the Parallax effect.

Advanced Page Scrolling and Navigation

While designing, you should use such a navigation panel that is highly interactive. The navigation panels of certain apps are included into websites. Enhanced scrolling panels make websites more user friendly and comfortable.

Substitution of Flash by other technologies

As Flash has some problems for use in mobile devices and difficulty arises for update and Search Engine Optimization, it can be envisaged that fewer designers and developers are going to use it. Many technologies now can perform the works of Flash, like HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, etc. These are likely to be incorporated more if you want your site to be more intelligible.

Full-Screen Photo Launch Pages

Full-screen photo launch page is a potent element to convey any special message. You can take your viewers into another world of dynamic creation. Spotify, Square, and Path have full-screen photo landing pages which help them to express their message to the users in a more effective manner and the users also get an emotional experience.

Mobile apps in place of mobile browsing

The advancement of technology has made possible working if many websites on mobile devices but it is more comfortable to use apps of some websites than to work on mobile devices. The mobile browsing experience of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest has less popularity than their mobile apps development. As people prefer to use mobile devices for their every purpose in recent days, it is no wonder that mobile browsing will be replaced by apps in near future.

Enhanced social networking

For promoting the integration of websites to a greater extent, try to incorporate social media into your favorite and new websites. Besides sharing buttons at the end of articles, you can make a more enhanced integration by expanding social single sign-on, “pay by tweet” or “pay by status” sharing, exploring other types of social media based on website content. Advertising on social networks is very advantageous.

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