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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

Vinove Software & Services Pvt. Ltd. held its monthly session of “Chai Pe Charcha” on March 10, 2023, where the Business Development team discussed their ongoing projects, recent achievements, and strategies for future growth. This monthly meetup serves as a platform for team members to share their views, connect with each other, and work towards a common goal.

The collaborative and supportive environment created by “Chai Pe Charcha” fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among team members, boosting their morale, motivation, and productivity. During the session, the team members shared their success stories with Client onboarding, which included Dubai Police, Van Hamburg Invest B.V, Roland Berger Holding GmbH, and others.

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The team also discussed their recent accomplishment of opening a new branch office in Dubai and explored new business opportunities and emerging market trends. They exchanged their ideas on improving customer engagement, retention, and optimizing the sales funnel to improve conversion rates.

Mr. Ankur, VP- Business Development appreciated the sales team during the session, saying that this is the best sales team they have ever had, and he hopes they will do even better in the coming months. As the discussion progressed, team members continued to offer constructive feedback and advice to one another, exploring approaches and strategies for addressing common challenges.


Chai Pe Charcha sessions provide team members with a casual environment to engage in conversations outside of their typical work environment, break down barriers, and foster a sense of camaraderie. By encouraging open and honest communication, team members can feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas, leading to improved collaboration and creativity.

These sessions can also reduce stress and improve morale, leading to a more joyful and enjoyable work environment. In conclusion, Chai Pe Charcha sessions are an effective way to encourage collaboration and nurture a positive team dynamic, providing a platform for informal discussions where team members can gain valuable insights and develop stronger relationships, leading to improved growth and success.

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