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Prisma: How this photo app brings out the artist in you?

Prisma: How this photo app brings out the artist in you?

While Pokémon GO is ruling the app stores ,  Prisma is also catching everybody’s eyes. This photo app originated from Germany has gone viral in only five weeks (June’16) after release.  Currently, close to 1.5 million daily users are finding this app artistic enough to transform their normal photos into a painting.

Photo app

Surprisingly, this app has hit 7.5 million downloads on iOS platform only (android beta version has just released) and most of the users are from Germany, USA and Ukraine. If you are an app enthusiast or a business owner planning to develop a remarkable app, the science behind this success is certainly going to live up to your needs.

Now, let’s discuss how this app  is engaging users with it’s qualities:

Quicker, easier and simple:

This app reminds me of Instagram at the first place. Prisma is pretty simple with a basic interface that keeps user focused on taking pictures, applying the filters, and then sharing on Twitter or Facebook. It avoids cluttering things up with a tons of different options.

When user starts  Prisma, this photo app asks for access to  camera and user’s photo galleries. He doesn’t has to grant access to the camera, as he can edit saved pictures from the gallery, but it’s obviously much quicker and easier to take a picture and edit it directly.

photo app

All new filters:

There are a dozens of new filters, all based on famous paintings. Edvard Munch’s The Scream is a filter, and there’s another filter called Mondrian, for Piet Mondrian. Other filters are based on  Picasso, Van Gogh, and Levitan.  These seems like old wine in new bottle, however, these filters are bringing  selfies to life.

Photo app

Lot more artistic photo app:

Prisma turns a photo into a painting that too using some of the most popular styles. All the filters might not suit every photo but there is a filter for every mood and all are impressively artistic.

Photo app

AI into the world of art:

Prisma is using deep  learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms to turn  smartphone photos into stylized artworks, based on different graphical styles. Hence now its possible a bedroom picture to resemble with a rotoscope animation. Even, it can be a selfie with the shades of a manga.

photo app

It’s free and coming on Android:

The photo app, Prisma is absolutely free to download and use. There is no extra cost of buying  in-app items like Pokémon GO. Hence, editing artistic photos and posting them on social platforms stays free just like other apps.

After the huge success on iOS platforms, Prisma has released its beta version on Android. It is expected to release finally soon so that Android users can also enjoy the features.

In a nutshell:

Prisma is an app that is user-friendly, quick, artistic, free of cost and build with modern technology. It pushes you to do something creative and turn your boring dull photos into amazingly artistic paintings that are worth sharing. As a whole, it brings  out the artist in you.

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