5 Powerful Apps For Android Security

Android is rightly regarded as the world’s most popular mobile operating systems today. Its versatility, its robustness and above all the fact that it is made by the trusted Google gives it an edge over several mobile platforms. However the increasing popularity of the mobile platform has its side-effects – the biggest being the continuous threat to security. To counter this rising problem, there are several apps for improving security on Android. These apps are designed to work against malicious malware, threat to data and injection of viruses and malware to a system. Since Internet usage is one of the main activities on Android phones, the need to open websites on secured connections and security URLs is essential. Let us take a look at 5 powerful apps that enhance Android security.

Avast Mobile Security: This mobile security has been developed and released by Avast Software. It is a free anti-virus software that has an easy to use interface and several innovative features. A special mention must be made of Privacy Advisor using which you can set your device to call another in-case its lost or stolen.

Kaspersky Mobile Security: Kaspersky is a leading name among anti-virus softwares in the market. Its mobile version is light and can be used to control what others see on your device, filter unwanted SMSes and calls etc. Kaspersky Mobile Security can also be used to find the missing mobile. Kaspersky Mobile Security can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Lookout Security and Antivirus: If you have lost your Android-run tablet or smartphone, you can use Lookout Security and Antivirus to locate your lost phone. All you need to do is go to lookout.com and use Google Map to search for your phone. This is just one of the many features that Lookout Security and Antivirus have.

Antivirus Security by AVG: One of the most widely used free anti-viruses for desktops has been AVG anti-virus. Its Android security solution is equally good as it protects from harmful viruses, spyware. It also helps in keeping data safe in the Android device. Another interesting feature of Antivirus Security by AVG is that it monitors battery consumption.

Norton Security Anti-virus: Norton was once upon a time one of the very few anti-virus software in the market. The Norton Security for Android comes at a price of $29 but it is a valuable investment as it comes with several interesting and much-needed features.

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