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12 Reasons Why Mobile First Indexing Will Bring You Profit

12 Reasons Why Mobile First Indexing Will Bring You Profit

Mobile is getting more powerful everyday as 80 percent of individuals are searching the web using Smartphones. Surprisingly, 70 percent of them take action within one hour of completing their searches. This makes inevitable for businesses like you to be mobile ready at the first place. However, a research shows the average load time for mobile sites is 19 seconds over 3G internet connections and 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Now, that’s a major issue and that’s why mobile first indexing became necessary.

Now what is mobile first indexing?

As said by Google’s Gary Illyes,  this is a major change. All the businesses have dependencies on the internet must be ready for the same. Hence, lets discuss what is mobile first indexing-

Mobile-friendly sites matter for everyone:  Google has declared early that their preferred method of a mobile-friendly site was responsive design. For this change to mobile-first indexing, Gary Illyes said that specific mobile site versions and responsive design will work.

Mobile content based SERPs:  Now, if your site pages show specific content for desktop-based visitors, but excludes  mobile visitors, then there will be major changes in results. Google search results will now start to  seek mobile content first and then others. So, you should consider what and how much content can be added to your mobile version.

AMP-The Game Changer: AMP-enabled pages are treated as mobile content. If you have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your website, or blog, these pages will be treated as other mobile pages and will be indexed first.

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Hence, it is clear that if you want to get found on mobile, you need to write mobile friendly content and install AMP.   Follow this info-graphic from ValueCoders  to know more how this change will enhance your business profit:

Bottom Line

Hence, now you know the advantages of Google AMP & mobile first indexing and it’s implementations for your business. However, this doesn’t change the requirement of developing web & mobile applications.

We, at ValueCoders know how to develop Google AMP & mobile first indexing friendly websites and mobile apps with AMP deep-linking. Our dedicated development teams are adept with all the modern technologies and develop apps as per your requirement. Therefore-

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